Noctua L9a with TY-100 Fan ideas closed Case and c7cu / std


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Oct 26, 2018
Hi, its André from Germany with English on Rookie.

I have tested already to coolers:
AXP-100 (i tried cause the Optic of an open cooler was that nice) with sawed of Alu below and fitted Fan below
and 1-2mm Headroom to the closed Case. The sounding is close to the Noctua l9a.
On Ryzen 5-2600 i get save 72-73 degrees in closed Case with Prime95 at maxheat Test.

But The Noctua performs only better with 1 degree...but has more headroom. But i couldnt understand this.
I thougt it should Perform so much better. At this Point i tried the TY-100 from AXP-100 Thermalright and
interesting ist that the 100(95mm)mm TY100 Fit with the org. Screws on the Noctuacooler wich has a 85mm fan.
... 1 degree better.
And the Moreheadroom speaks against the concept of a heatpiped cooler with a fan below because it consumes
more place.

And the reason why the noctua performs that bad is the accumulated heat in the Coreroom. Because the air couldnt get on a straigt way up, and nowhere else too and comes in a closed case in conflict with the CPU Fan, wich consumes hot air again and has to press to much air up and hasnt enough power to work against convection to press air out downwards.

I tried the noctuafan below the DANCASE first blowing in and i get one more less degree in closed case.
But i was suprised as i changed the fan to suck.

Thanks to my mighty hairbrushtool... i get down to 66 degrees and all Fans are powering down.
Between 66 and 67 degrees is a a spot in the fancurve of the asus b450i.
Thats a temperature that i only get when i have an open case. In open Case the best temp with noctua i get
is 65 degrees. I havent tried to overclock the chip now, but i could see that where is a little bit room for that..
And i think their is a solution to fix the Problem.

i havent tried already with that small fans and i think for a silent pc the fancurve should be choosen
to high speed only at high need temperatures and this could be a problem,
cause i dont know how the fans impair the system on idle.
i wouldnt use a bigger 10mm fan because the most of the air presses against a wall downwards and the
only 10mm fan i found that could go between MB and Case is a Akasa AK-FN076 Slimline in 80mm.
If 12mm arent to much the 100mm scythe kaze Jyu could fit, 14 mm i couldnt get between.
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Sep 29, 2018