Layout for unique Node 202 setup


Cable-Tie Ninja
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May 14, 2016
I am looking to repurpose my old Node 202 setup that I did here. My plan is to make it a headless Steam/Media machine instead. My main goal is silence.

The first thing I am replacing is the PSU. The SFX supply is bulky and it makes a 'click' every time it turns on. Aint nobody got time for that! The obvious replacement is an HDplex. The benefit of this is all this empty space that is now available. So my question to the community is what would be the best setup to minimize noise. Keep in mind this machine will be laid horizontally.

I had some options:
- Use a 1080 SeaHawk. Place the radiator where the SFX was
- Use a Zotac 1080 Mini, replace the fans with two 120mm ones and set a low RPM.
- Use empty sfx space for a 3.5mm drive
- Put a fan in the SFX sfx space
- Put a AIO on the CPU

(CPU wise, it is a 65W i5. No overclocking on the CPU/GPU will be used)

What would be the best option in terms of noise? I have used AIO pumps before and found they are more chatty than I like.

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