HΛD☰S B☰ΛST - Intel Hades Canyon NUC with EXP GDC Beast eGPU


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Jul 27, 2015
@EdZ - Good point. I should use PCH-generated PCIe signal as my base. 13% may be more accurate, but 13% is still something. Folks DO want that 13% bad enough to overlook the ease-of-use for TB3 and choose M.2. They want the speed. Another reason they choose M.2 is price. M.2 is much cheaper clocking in at $12 or $50. Compare that to TB3 at $250+. Lastly, a well-implemented M.2 solution CAN be stable and hot-pluggable. It just takes a bit more work.
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Sep 14, 2018
I've gotta be honest, I'm not entirely sure why you'd do this when you can use TB3 to achieve essentially the same thing. Also it'd probably make more sense to do this with the less powerful Intel/Vega Hades Canyon unit so you're not rotting all that GPU power (also save $$$). What I've actually been thinking of is doing this with the new generation NuC units that are due out soon which will be 4c8t. If you use a simple M.2 to PCIe adapter setup you'll be able to do this without the beast by using a Dynamo 360. If you wanna go one further you can do this and also add HDPlex AC-DC units for a completely brickless build.

Hi, I am new to the forums and just found out about this website via a quick search online. I am interested in buying the Hades Canyon but the power brick is something I would want to do without. You mention using the Dynamo 360 and an hdplex unit. Is this feasible? The Hades Canyon would be the perfect machine for me, sans the power brick :)