Rumor Intel NUC "Ghost Canyon" with PCIe x16 and up to 8 cores, no UCFF

According to this leaked roadmap, the comming generation of Intel's NUC mini-PC line-up (Codename "Ghost Canyon") will feature a PCIe x16 expansion slot, up to 3 M.2 slots, and run on either i5, i7, or even i9 with up to 8 cores and 16 threads.

This NUC generation will probably also see a deviation from the currently used UCFF (4"x4") form factor, as the platform is listed as being compatible with M.2 22110, and the x16 expansion slot is also too large for that board size. I'm hoping to see a return of the thin mITX formfactor based on these numbers.

This German article also speculates about the use of the MXM formfactor for PCIe expansion cards.
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May 25, 2018
If this is real it will make for some interesting products.
Probably to expensive and with strange formfactors (big enough for full size GPU) but still interesting.


Innovation through Miniaturization
Feb 1, 2016
I have a really good feeling about the AsRock/AMD alliance in this area. With ASRock formally being an AMD AIB partner now and the reported low TDP of Navi I think AsRock now has the ability not just to push the Deskmini platform forward but also to act as a supplier to a company like Intel (at least until they develop their own GPU tech).