Multi [GROUP BUY] ModUltra (Alloy Craft) Lobo waterblock and heatsink pre-sale order (for Australia/New Zealand buyers)

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Hi SFFers,

Per the Lobo thread, I'm organising a group buy for Lobo waterblocks for Aussie and nearby (read: NZ) buyers. The group buy has been approved by @confusis and will be facilitated by myself. If you wish to participate, please post in this thread, and complete the below steps as soon as possible.

I will accept new order requests until 23:59 (AEST) Sunday, 10 April 2022.
If you make an order after this, I make no guarantees that I will even try to include you.

1) In order to give each of us a level of comfort/protection, could each of you please PM me -separately to this thread- your:
  • first & last name,
  • home address,
  • shipping address (if different),
  • mobile phone number, and
  • email address
I'll send the above details (and my own) to a moderator or something so there's some independent oversight.

2) Please post in this thread which exact items you wish to order, so that we can all be clear what the order will consist of

MODULTRA.COM (until stocks last or if @Alloy Craft decides to change it..?)

LOBO + Heatsink Combo
When noting your preferences for ordering, please ensure you specify your preferred:​
  • CERAKOTE COLOUR (E-240 Carbon Grey, or E-250 Titanium)
  • HEATSINK PATTERN (Plain, Vector, Wavy or Celtic)
  • MOUNT PLATE (AMD or Intel)
  • EXTRA ACCESSORIES (any additional mount plate, heatsink, etc.)
Note: if you want both mounts, you must specify one in the combo and add the second as an accessory​

3) I'll reach out to Alloy Craft and confirm stock of the above items, and request it to be reserved if possible.

4) I'll get a quote on shipping the combined package to me (VIC, Australia), and get estimates on individual shipping costs (registered post with insurance at appropriate value) for sending the individual packages out to each buyer.

6) If everyone agrees to their estimated/calculated costs, I'll provide BSB/account details (probably my NAB account) to pay funds into

NOTE: Each participant will be liable for TWO costs:
6.1) Your component of the initial order (item cost(s) + even split of shipping to my location)​
This goes directly to ModUltra to make the order, an even split of this portion of shipping seems the fairest way to do it​
6.2) Packing / shipping fees to check your individual items (are correct / complete / intact), repack and send on to you.​
This will initially be an estimate from either Australia Post or a courier service (e.g. Sendle or similar), and I will be doing this at cost, (i.e. if my estimate is low I'll refund the difference, if the estimate was high I'll request you to pay the gap)​
I will only ever post items with sufficient packaging, and the shipping service must include both tracking and shipping insurance (to the respective value)​

7) Once all buyer funds are received and cleared, I'll make the order and have the package shipped to my address, I'll make any tracking information available to all participants.

8) Once the main package arrives, I'll confirm the contents are in-tact / undamaged, then split it into individual orders and take/send photos to check we've all got the right products. If everyone is satisfied, I'll then re-package the individual items for safe shipping and post them out.

9) You should happily receive your items and can boast on SFFn forums about your new shiny toy. Happy days!

Feel free to ask any questions in here, or PM me separately, if necessary.

Confirmed group-buy participants: [to be updated as new buyers join]
  1. @SFFMunkee
  2. @NRG
  3. @Vareen
  4. @ziggehh

Confirmed parts to be ordered: [to be updated as new buyers join]
  • 1x Lobo + Plain heatsink [E240, Intel mount] US$160
  • 2x Lobo + Vector heatsink [E240, Intel mount] (2x US$175) US$350
  • 2x AMD mount plate (2x US$22) US$44
  • 1x Intel mount plate US$22
  • 1x Emitter heatsink US$50
  • plus shipping TBD (to be split evenly between buyers)


1. Nathan/SFFMunkee (i.e. me) will be facilitating the group buy, I am not acting as a distributor or business, I am merely assisting the community with the option of a combined shipping deal.

2. This is a community group buy, to help spread with the cost of shipping to our region of the globe, no-one should be making or losing significant amount of money through this deal. If you have concerns, please flag it with me and/or @confusis (sorry mate, using you as an arbitrary point of independence :))

3. If you can't pay the quoted amount before the order is made, you will not be able to participate in the group buy. If you've opted in but then unable to pay, please let me know as soon as possible as this will impact other participants.

4. If you do not pay the gap in secondary shipping cost (if significantly above estimated costs), then I will retain the ordered product until an agreement is made, and appropriate payment is made.

5. I will NOT provide refunds this unless it was my own error, as this would leave me significantly out of pocket and with equipment I am unlikely to be able to sell or use. (See 2.)

6. "Whiff-test" - if you think something reeks of being shady or makes you uncomfortable for any reason, flag it with me as soon as possible so that it may be addressed.

7. I reserve all the usual rights (at least, any that might be expected for a sale thread in an online forum). That is, I may refuse sale or participation to anyone, for basically any reason.

8. If you have agreed to participate, been confirmed as a buyer, and have made the appropriate payment, you can rest assured that I will make every possible effort to ensure you receive exactly what is requested/ordered.
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Jul 7, 2021
Confirmed group buy participants:

@NRG: Lobo w Plain heatsink (Carbon Grey, Intel mount)
@Vareen: Lobo w Vector heatsink (Carbon Grey, Intel mount) + AMD mount
@ziggehh: Lobo w Vector heatsink (Carbon Grey, AMD mount) + Intel mount
@SFFMunkee: Emitter heatsink, Intel mount
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