Discussion Good Carrying Case for Ghost S1 + Accessories?


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Feb 3, 2021
Hello all! New here, but not new to the SFFPC movement (been cramming hardware into small cases since the 90's).

Recently I built a new high-end gaming system in a Louqe Ghost S1 case and I intend to occasionally transport it when traveling or visiting family/friends (after COVID is under control). As such, I am looking for a good carrying case for it.

I need it to fit:
Louqe Ghost S1
Vortex Cypher 60% mechanical keyboard
XBOX One Wireless Controller
JBL Quantum 800 headphones
Power cable, USB cable, two nubby WiFi antennas, HDMI (or DisplayPort) cable, and the USB dongle for the headphones

I want to have everything secure and safe from dents and scratches in a custom cut foam insert.

I don't mind spending the money on a Pelican case, but figured I'd ask here if you guys knew of any cheaper options with good build quality and foam inserts.

Thanks so much in advance!