Log Ghost S1 Aircooled; R9 5950X; RX6800; Noctua L12S @ A12x25; Single exhaust - Guide and results.


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Apr 20, 2018
Just a small Guide on building and silently aircooling the Ghost S1 + results with and without Tophat.

Gallery if you are too lazy to use thumbnails.

Case + cooling:

  • Ghost S1 MKIII with MetaCustoms Bottom, middle and Top Grill
  • Noctua L12S bent to fit Ghost S1
  • A12x25 modded to fit without obstructing ATX, USB and SATA connectors
  • Single A12x15 exhaust (No Tophat)
  • Triple A12x15 exhaust (Small Tophat)
  • Reference RX6800


  • Ryzen 9 5950X
  • Asus B550-I Strix Gaming
  • AMD Radeon RX6800 (i have a fairly hot card hitting 98°C TJmax even in open air)
  • 2x 32gb (64gb) Micron ECC DDR4 2666 VLP UDIMM (PN: MTA18ADF4G72AZ - 2G6B2) @ 3200/C19/1.35v ; Micron D9XPF
  • 2x PNY CS3030 2TB m.2 SSD
  • Corsair SF 600 @ Noctua A9x14; Stock cables.

Mods required:

  • Motherborad
    • remove all plastic covers over I/O, VRM Fan as they block the Cooler
    • take short plastic Cover M2 screw and use it to fix Sound and m.2 daughter board back to the board (it may come lose without M.2 Heatsink
    • CPU Fan will take care of cooling the VRM and m.2 so don't worry about removing VRM Fan

  • Noctua L12S + A12x25 Fan
    • Bend it to fit the Ghost S1 (lower by 4-5 mm). You will notice that a 25mm thick fan will block the ATX Connector

    • Use a rotary tool with grinder attachment to remove parts of the Fan Frame to accomodate Heatpies and make it possible to shift the Fan without overhanging onto ATX Connector. The support for the fan hub will fit right between two heatpipes, dont remove it as the fan will fail and hit the frame without it!

    • Make a small groove to accomodate mounting screws (this can be avoided when using L12 Ghost edition mounting hardware)

    • Mounting with a PH2 scredriver is not possible due to Fan blades blocking the screws, use a good PH1 and be carefull not to strip the head
    • Mounting screws will block the Fanblades when not tightened down, don't worry, they will clear by 3mm once you mount the cooler.

    • Profit:

Optional Mods:

  • SF600 Platinum @ A9x14 :
    • Get the Chromax Version without fixed Cable + a VGA PWM Adapter (on SF600 Gold you will need a comparable 3-Pin Adapter!)
    • Change the Pinout of your VGA PWM to Fan adapter to match the Stock fans pinout
      and remove sleeving if there is one on your Adapter.

    • Mount the Fan using Noctua rubbers or screws. Trim the rubbers so they don't interfere with components inside, the connector has enough room to be placed flat between the fan and PSU housing.

Bios Settings:

Manual PBO Settings: 142 W PPT (Stock), increased TDC to 110A and EDC to 180A to make use of max PPT in all Tests.
Enabled ECC; Ram at stock timings; 1.35v and 3200 Mhz

CPU Fan Settings: 55% / 70°C | 65% / 80°C RPM | 100% over 85°C
All Case Fans @33% (highest inaudible setting)
  • Cable managment and assembly:
    • There is enough space to route cables underneath the PSU

    • Everything closes just fine; i used fan grills on both sides of the case fan to stop cables from entering the blades (not really necessary if you chose to use zipties)

    • Meta Customs grill:

Max Temps without Tophat (Furmark and Cinebench were run simultaneously!), 21°C ambient

CPU - Cinebench soop 60 minutes - 79°C (21° ambient); Fan at 65%
GPU - Furmark stresstest loop 60 Minutes - 85°C GPU, 105°C TJmax, fans at 1540 rpm

Max Temps with Tophat:

CPU - Cinebench soop 60 minutes - 74°C (21° ambient); Fan at 60%
GPU - Furmark stresstest loop 60 Minutes - 76°C GPU, 95°C TJmax; fans at 1490rpm

There is a lot of room left to increase fanspeeds which is why i chose to stay topless in the end.
I will retest with the stock top grill once i have more time.
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Apr 20, 2018
Small typo in temps, the GPU does hit 98°C Tjmax with a tophat as exhaust. Same as open air. Most RX6800s do run cooler.


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Apr 20, 2018
And a small side note: If your Displayport or HDMI cables hit the cutout on the back of the case (it is rather small by default) you can put 2 washers between the riser and standoffs to move your vga closer to the side panel. This will also reduce m.2 temps if you have a back-mounted m.2 drive: