Geeek (a30) i need to get this of my chest,...


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Mar 8, 2019
what a terrible company/product.

first of,

they shipped me the product, no problem
when arrived in the Netherlands i had to pay 52 euros import because GEEEK didnt properly specify the shipping on the invoice (as in, it wasnt on the invoice at all) so dhl had to guess and basically the choice was send it back or pay the fee.
i decided to pay.

i finally got around to building the thing,

The back panel is broken in 3 places, i figured i can live with that, send them an email about it and hopefully they will replace it
so i continued with the build.
When i got around to assembling the frame, i didnt get why the screws where so difficult to get in.
Come to find out, only 3 of the 6 frame elements are threaded, they forgot the other 3 so i cant even build it.

long story short, i paid a total of about 120 euros for a half finished product.

sorry for the rant but i had to get it of my chest,...


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Oct 20, 2017
Sorry for you man, I've got the A60 and haven't came across any of the issues that you've had :(


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Jan 26, 2019
oh dear i'm so sorry you've had so many issues :(

i personally ordered the A30 and had mostly success building it. i initially thought i had a missing threaded rod as well, but when i asked them, they made me realize i probably used one of the threaded ones in the position where the threads weren't needed. out of the 6 extruded rods, 2 are not threaded and it's by design. i force threaded into that one i thought was an error. otherwise, i had no cracked panel, and the shipping was clear enough to avoid me import issues. i did choose basic shipping on purpose though, because using DHL, even though it was cheaper (and potentially faster) on purchase, I KNEW they would charge me for import fees and then it would end up more expensive.

one thing to remember: never use DHL or UPS basic/standard shipping services when ordering from outside your country. i had one intense experience with UPS standard shipping from the US into Canada where i ended up paying something like 50$ fees for a 100$ item, very similar to your experience. it's possible even if DHL had properly identified the content, it still would've been expensive.

did Geeek at least agree to send you a replacement broken panel? if not, that's where the hurt really is!
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