Image Credit – Gamers Nexus
Steve from Gamers Nexus, seen above leading his congregation in opening prayer prior to ritually sacrificing a reference RTX 2080 cooler, has reviewed the Thermalright Peerless Assassin. The review is overall positive for the small-ish cooler, as displayed on GN’s clean, clear, and easily legible on a phone screen charts.

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Cable-Tie Ninja
Jul 3, 2020
Thermalright is absolutely killing it with their price/performance. I still can't believe that my AXP120-67 actually outperforms my previous Noctua L12S that cost twice as much. Sure it feels less "premium" but even if the fan would die prematurely I can replace it with a Noctua 120mm and still save money.


Average Stuffer
Sep 6, 2022
Such a neat looking cooler. Considering cutting a hole in the side of my Velka 5 to run this.
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