Power Supply FSP launches (GaN?) compact 19V <=180W power bricks


Shrink Way Wielder
Original poster
Jan 20, 2018
Thought this might be of interest to some people doing externally powered APU builds or compact, low-powered dGPU builds:
The sizes and volumes of these bricks are pretty impressive overall - the 150W and 180W variants are 163cc (113.5x64.5x22.3mm), down from 290cc for their previous series, and 90W, 120W and 135W are 141cc (98x64.5x22.3mm). Two of the 150W or 180W units should even be a good option for something more powerful. For reference, the HDPlex 400W AC-DC is 396cc, and the 200W is 311cc, neither of which include an integrated power socket. That's pretty impressive density for these FSP units, especially considering they have outer plastic shells unlike the HDPlex units.