Closed [EU-GER] Formd T1 V1.1 - Titanium with Silver Mesh Panels - PCIe 3.0


I am selling a Formd T1 v1.1 Titanium with Silver Mesh Panels and pcie 3.0 riser.
I bought this unit in july 2021, but didnt come around to building in it. So it is still new in the original packaging.

Asking Price: 280 euro + sending costs
Sending costs: I am based in germany, to germany it would be 5,99 euro with DHL. I am willing to send to other locations in Europe, just ask me and I will look u the price :)

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What's an ITX?
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Mar 1, 2022
Greetings, do you still have it and would you be able to ship to Norway?