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Selling [US-MN] FormD T1 v1.1 Titanium | 5600X | Miscellaneous Items

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Twin Cities, MN, USA
$175 + shipping - FormD T1 in great condition. Titanium with black mesh panels (comes with one extra mesh panel). Power button has been custom-sleeved to protect wiring. Black-painted hardware (screws) and steel parts show normal wear (marks where components were tightened down, wear on screw threads/heads, felt pads rubbed off front panel). Original packaging/shipping material included. Includes original feet and black anodized aftermarket feet.

$100 + shipping - Ryzen 5600X purchased close to launch and used until swapping to a 5900X a month ago. Sold to @Michael

$50 + shipping
- Eisbaer LT Solo (with newer DC-LT 2 pump) with Hanjiang 17mm slim 240 radiator, alphacool fittings, and alphacool tpv 12.9/9.7 tubing. Will drain upon purchase (filled with Koolance LIQ-702). Will include with FormD T1 for no cost except shipping. HJ 17 radiator has two notches cut out of G1/4 port block where it would otherwise interfere with the T1 front panel (preventing it from fitting in the case). Toughfan 12 NOT INCLUDED (too lazy to remove for post).

Will remove if against rules -- I will be selling my 5900X for $300 + shipping if I can get a 5800X3D on release day (April 20th).

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