Discussion ENP-7660B from SFFTEC


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May 31, 2017
Please keep us updated, I'm most interested in a first-hand experience with this psu.

update A1 :

a) I was sent a silver color unit by accident, from my seller, which i did not test, because i used their 15 day free returns. however, if you purchase using paypal, because paypal's policy supersedes any seller policy; you can open up a power
unit, and still return it, so i know that any silver color unit from this manufacturer, is bad quality.

do not buy any silver color unit.

b) I re-ordered a black color unit with white cables, from the same manufacturer, by immediately sending a message to my seller; after buying it, that i needed a black color unit. REVOCCASES has confirmed that a black color unit with white cables, if actually sent the correct one, is good quality. i have not tested my PSU yet, & it will be quite a long time; but with free returns,
which i can verify, i personally vouch for this : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001971974182.html

do not forget to immediately send your seller that message, after your purchase.

here's proof that i actually purchased, what REVOCCASES confirmed is good quality :

c) the reason its taking such a long time to test it, is that i also have something else, which is breathtakingly beautiful, with a different PSU; a custom case from NFC Systems, that everyone should see,
because its breathtakingly beautiful : http://smallformfactor.net/forum/th...esigned-or-manufactured-by-nfc-systems.16603/
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