Dan A4, 3900x or 3700x?


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Dec 29, 2019
Hey all!

I've been using my new PC in the Dan A4 with a 2080 super and a 3600x. I'm running the Asetek 645 LT

I have the opportunity to upgrade to either a 3900x or a 3700x. Only thing I'm worried about is the temperatures.

I mainly game and stream my game to discord some times. Is it worth it to go for the 3900x?

Will the temperatures be much hotter than the 3700x?


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Jul 7, 2017
I would take a look at this video from Optimum Tek where he tests the Asetek 645 LT with a 3950x so should be close to the 3900x, after seeing that I would say 3700x is the wiser choice.



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Jul 3, 2018
I have both -- one 3900X (water cooled) and two 3700X (one water cooled, one on air - Noctua NH-L9a AM4). Ultimately it comes down to fine-tuning voltages, making sure BIOS versions and chipset drivers are current and using the Ryzen balanced plan (I found no benefit with the 1usmus plan). I've felt like the 3700X has been harder to pin down an appropriate voltage to get acceptable temps, but it's somewhat of a struggle with both CPUs. I'd go with the 3900X, though. Slightly faster, more cores, only about $140 more (3900X is $449.00 on Amazon right now). The Asetek cooler should do fine.


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Mar 2, 2020
Depends what temps you are ok with? I have a 3950x with asetek cooler and losercard mod. Eco+pbo I dont over 60 degrees no matter what I do. Stock, running bench for 20 minutes I hit 80 degrees max. I guess use these numbers to help decide? O and I'm running prime95 for bench.

Good luck!