Custom loop in Ghost S1 Question


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Jan 4, 2020
At some point in the future I would like to take a run at attempting to squeeze a custom loop inside of my ghost to cool my 8700K and 2080 TI for a little more temperature headroom. I have seen a few pictures of those who have successfully finished the transplant but I haven't been able to dig up much info on where to fit the reservoir and which pump is the popular choice. I have watched the OptimumTech video on the watercooled ghost but I don't really want to use the Alphacool Eisbaer or the Apogee Drive II as a CPU block/pump. I would like to use an EK monoblock but I can't figure out how/where these pumps are being mounted. I have seen a few builds that don't have a custom cut acrylic reservoir and I'm wondering how this is possible without one. My best guess is that there is enough liquid in the loop to maintain a low enough temperature.

My experience in watercooling is next to nil so I know I have some reading to do but I would like to try to get a feel for what I am getting myself into if I decided to make a run at it.


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Dec 16, 2019
Keep it simple. your not gonna fit a D5 into the ncase easily and I hear the apogee has a mediocre CPU block.
That leaves you with the ddc, SC-P60 or dclt pumps.
I'd go with the standard DDC if you can fit it in or I can vouch that the SC-P60 is enough for a sff loop and I'd imagine that the dclt is enough as well.

The reservoirs main job is to help you fill up your loop and ease of bleeding.
Totally possible to do it without a Res if you use a t fitting somewhere and take your time with the filling.

As long as you can get a monoblock for your mobo that's not a problem, you just stick your pump somewhere else in the case and pipe it all up.

I'm no expert in WC myself but I finished my 1st loop in a ghost A60 a few months ago


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Jan 19, 2020
Do the EK monoblocks work on ITX motherboards? They list compatibility for larger motherboards.

I'm looking at something similar, and the 2 videos I've seen both use the radiator up top as the reservoir and a pump/block combo for the CPU. One of them added a GPU block in the loop and a second radiator, but they were running a Titan RTX card and 9900K.

EK is phasing out a modular system that had the pumps integrated into the radiators and you would mate it with quick connect parts to make a loop, but the stock is disappearing as it is currently listed in their clearance section. Last I checked it out they had no stock for their 240 radiator and since its in the clearance section I'm not expecting them to get them back. Also, that radiator was 68mm thick meaning you would have to order multiple top-hats to get it to work in a Ghost S1 build.

My best guess is I may end up with either the Alphacool or the Apogee II as a pump/block combo, potentially a GPU water block and something like the EK coolstream radiators which have 4 ports so you can connect the tubing to the bottom and use the top 2 holes for filling and drainage. There are other radiators with the extra holes on both sides to facilitate filling and draining and one of the videos used an alphacool crossflow radiator similarly.