1. Otamot

    FSP 400W Flex ATX Special offer 10% off code SFF10

    FSP400-50FDB Now available and includes PCI-E 6+2pin connector. In Europe FSP400-50FDB has replaced FSP400-60FGGBA in order to comply with incoming CE regulation EN-62368 10% off till the end of the month with discount code: SFF10 Full cable loom drawing
  2. C

    Skyreach 4 Mini + Combo 400W AC-ATX estimated value

  3. graphichasan

    Why there is not much hype on active cooled ac-dc brick ? doesn't they make cases more smaller ?

    Hey I designed a active cooled brick with a vary small footprint from standard MeanWell units .... planning to be make ac-dc bricks affordable .... but it seams aside from some awesome people nobody is interested really .... is there a particular reason sff forum just not into high power (800W)...
  4. graphichasan

    Concept Project Thundercreck | Designing an 200W - 400W active cooled ac-dc brick.

    Project Goal : Support at least 3 models 200W, 300W & 400W. Output & input have hydrophobic/hepa filter for IPx4 Resistance. At least IPx4 level of water spell protection of for long service life. Auto Load Shearing of these models if combined with a sli bridge like 2cable sense line. Handle...
  5. M

    Power Supply Cheap 400w PSU danger?

    Do I just got this thing in the mail. It's a (suposedly) 400w switching PSU from aliexpress, it was only $22. Would this be suitable for a small form factor computer? It's super thin and the cade can be cut to mamke shorter and opened for ventilation (the fan in it is super loud) I...
  6. S

    Closed 3.7l CASMOD Slim ITX Case. (And PSU)

    Case Specs: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/custom_mod-cases-slim-m1-m2.1633/ Build Tutorial/User Manual: I ordered in October, Didn't get it until March 8th (The case) and got the Power supply delivered on March 27th i believe. I bought brand new, never been opened, In fact, i...
  7. sergiiua

    .SKP PSU G-Uniq Arch Daemon 400W 2018-06-02

    pico PSU G-Uniq Arch Daemon 400W +8pin