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    Content by Drew (@3lfk1ng )

    First up at CES 2019, we visited Zotac! Well known for their Mini series of cards, as well as some impressively powerful SFF systems, let's see what they had on display this year.

    Most of the products shown below will be available Q1 2019.

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  2. Biowarejak

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    The Magnus systems look interesting. Far more appealing than the cases near the end. XD
  3. Rysen

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    Why won't zotac build a VR Backpack empty Case (With just the battery Packs and maybe a powersupply) rather than the full PC. For me it would be instant buy!
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  4. chx

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    o_O at i7-8565U passively cooled in such a small chassis.
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    Owning an EN1070 I like the EN52070. The improved hypethreading support is a real help compared to the EN1070. That said, I wonder how much it will actually cost, and if it will come to market. Zotac has a bad history of show EN models that never actually make it to market.
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  6. jerryjin

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    Is anyone else annoyed that the consumer version Magnus EC52070D has two DC in plugs while the workstation
    QX3P5000 only needs one? From all the specs that I can find, the two should have similar performing parts, and some aspects of the workstation are actually more powerful when you realize that the CPU has a higher base/boost frequency. If I recall, Zotac even had a demo last year with an i7-8700 and GTX 1080 while only needing one power plug. I already hate having to drag one of those things around, don't make me drag two around >_<
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