SFF Network CES 2019: SilverStone

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    Content created by Drew Duncan (@3lfk1ng )

    Time to visit SilverStone, long time proponent of the SFF ecosystem. Let's see what they had on show!

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    Is that a 600W Nightjar? In SFXL form factor?
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    Hmmm. The AR11 might be okay for the DAN A4-SFX
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    https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/silverstones-pcie-to-m-2-range-expands.9183/#post-115652YAY @ ECM26 it fixes all the problems I had with their PCIe to M.2 adapters: now it has 110mm and keeps 1U support. Awesome. High time we have a mainstream manufacturer releasing such so it'll be available widely. @SilverStone great work!

    The LD03 still looks stunning, I found earlier mention of it at https://smallformfactor.net/news/silverstone-computex-2018 and that article contains a "dual drive, M.2 NVMe Thunderbolt enclosure" which seems to have disappeared?
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    I was so excited about the AR11 then realised there's no AM4 support. Where are all the low profile AM4 coolers :(
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    any price and availability timeframe for the USB 19-to-20 pin adapter? o_o asking for a friend
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    What is the use case for this product?
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    Indeed, I really like this release - will fit perfectly into my server. ^^
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    There's some nice kit in the Silverstone offering, not sure about the 26L LD03 though.
    Silly thing, but the CA03 M.2 screw kit looks great, so long as it's affordable.
    I bought a used Asus motherboard that has dual M.2 slots on board, but the screw sets had been lost, I could only find them for about £26/$33/29€ which was madly expensive.
    Good to have more choice in the slim fan department, I look forward to seeing the FN124 and its flashy counterpart [FN124-ARGB] reviewed at some point.
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