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    Next up, EVGA. Well known for their graphics cards, let's see if they have anything SFF on show.

    With the recent release of the RTX 2060 series, EVGA had a couple of models - the XC and SC - ready for perusal. One thing to note - both these cards use a, what possibly could be controversial, 2.5 slot design.

    See more here.
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    Would be nice to see manufacturers go back to 170mm long cards as opposed to 190, but that's really just a nitpick :) the new shroud seems kinda busy but if it's effective I'm sure its fine.
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    I'm a fan of EVGA and have used their cards for a while, but 2.5 slot isn't really SFF friendly. If I was in the market for an RTX 2060, I'd be looking at Zotac's standard dual fan or the (seen elsewhere) Mini, which is definite SFF material.
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    They're a bit of an odd sell. In my recent thought experiments surrounding these cards, I was hard pressed to brainstorm what sort of user would benefit from a fat but short, three-bracket card. I guessed that it could be for people who need extra room in the fronts of their cases for fat radiators and fans but otherwise didn't want to sacrifice heatsink area. Alternately, it could be a way to combat card sag. Hopefully, for a part that plays in the neighborhood of the 1070 and its Ti variant, we'll be able to see it get shrunk further into a dual slot, two-bracket card. RTX series is still a bit hard to grasp for me in terms of value.
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  5. Medeyer

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    Short and thicc...
  6. Reldey

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    Yeah this product is a head scratcher to be sure. Not sure why so many RTX cards are thicc.
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    Kinda.. chunky, huh? Unfortunate they didnt take the Zotac approach for this card. All that radiator with only one fan, seems like wasted cooling potential.
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    Triple slot allows excellent amount of cooling for the length, though. If only more cases had room for that or were completely designed around the thing. I don't like how cards are stretched to 300+ mm when they could make more efficient use of (desktop) space by being slightly thicker and wider, without needing risers and those three whiny fans, etc.

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    I actually like the idea of a thick heatsink on a short card. The 3 slot bracket I'm not really a fan of, I'd rather 2 slot bracket even if the heatsinks extends 2.5+ slots. Also 190mm... with how chunky they made it I'd really hoped to see 170-180mm.

    The s4 mini doesn't have its slots positioned for it, but it does have the thickness to take a 2.5 slot thick card if you could move the slots and drop 2.5" drives.
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    Hmm.. yeah actually that makes sense. If it came in the box with a 2 slot bracket replacement, that would be great. There are a few SFF cases that would probably fit this if it just had a different bracket.
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    Actually, I've contacted EVGA and can confirm they supply 2 slot replacement brackets for the 2080 ti XC Ultra, their chunkier 2.75 slot gpu. I'm willing to bet they'll supply replacement 2 slots for this lil guy too
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    I like my GPUs like I like my women, slim and hot.
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