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    Content by Drew (@3lfk1ng )

    Corsair, proprietors of peripherals, memory, cooling and even complete systems put on a display for interested press, and interested we were. Let's dive in and see what they had on display.

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  2. annasoh323

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    Neat showing from Corsair. That Corsair One is a monster. I'm mildly interested by the keyboards but would be more interested in knowing if those LP switches are going to ever make it to the hobbyist DIY market (having built my first keyboard, I've been bitten by a terrible bug).

    That SF750... in the wild and untamed. This is my first time ever seeing it or even hearing much about it other than its name. 4(!) PCIe/CPU power sockets is whack. A super build on something like the x399m mATX Threadripper board + GPU with dual PCIe power plugs (new Radeon VII anyone?) is so close... the only thing now standing between us is the price tag. As always.
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    I know you can buy the kailh lp switches online, not sure about the cherry ones. I just built my first keyboard too ;)
    imgur plugin isn't loading for me, so just in case here's the link with spaces in it imgur.com/ gallery/ 9sXOs20
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    The One is really nice looking. Would love to see the chassis and maybe the AIO(s) that it uses released as a bare bones kit.

    SF 750? YES. I am hammering the SF600 I have with a Vega 64 under water and dream of the 750 and Vega Vii in the future.
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  5. annasoh323

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    Hmm... Good to know. Thanks for the tip.

    How much power do you draw from the wall with your total system? Are you running the 64 stock?
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    Likely not more than the SF600 can handle. I did trip my UPS a few times benching but it has some years on it and rates at 500w (?) I think. It has been retired.

    24/7 I just undervolt and set HBM at 1000. Also now running the 200w board power limit set via the switch on the card as well.

    With the stock power limit and +50% power the card alone can hit 250+W. Need a meter for system draw.
  7. annasoh323

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    I did the Spock eyebrow raise at that. I got myself a UPS not many months ago and your post reminded me I should probably reevaluate how much power I'm drawing on that between my computer, monitor, headphone amp, and various charging accessories. This is especially true if I ever want to upgrade anything...

    I wonder how power draw on the Radeon VII is going to be... I realize this is the Corsair thread and not the AMD one so I'll cut myself off with that one.

    $180 USD for the SF750. Still not the most expensive thing in a prospective HEDT mini build but still... The price of that last 150W over the SF600 is 50% of its cost. Goes to show how hard it is to squeeze out those extra watts in the same tiny box.
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    With SFX psus getting to be rated such high wattages, you gotta imagine that SFX-L is probably going to become obsolete here soon. Was there any word on the 80 Plus rating for it? I trip my SF600 way too often and needed to upgrade to the EVGA 650 GM, but I've always preferred the Corsair units just slightly over the EVGAs.
  9. annasoh323

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    I believe it is Platinum rated like its younger but less capable siblings' refresh.
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  10. Sashby

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    Unfortunately Corsair spoke about this and did confirm they wouldn't offer it as a barebones kit due to the custom GPU design (the cooling of vrms with heatsink + fan). Which is unfortunate for DIY folk. Really they want you to buy a complete system.
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  11. mnetting

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    I have a first gen one over in the for sale section I put mostly new parts in. It is really no harder to work in then any other SFF system. Really a shame they won’t sell the case on its own. I’m think of rebuilding it with air cooling as well.
  12. quetzacoatlx

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    Corsair is still an AMD hater