Concept Big Wig - 14L case with 4 slot GPU, 280mm AIO, ATX PSU


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May 24, 2023
Apologies in advance if someone has made something similar. Name is a reference to the top heavy nature of this case.

I've had the basic concept for this case bouncing in my head for a while and wanted to get a sanity check/feedback on whether it's worth bothering with. This case is all about running the best hardware as quietly as possible, under 15 liters, with a top mounted GPU and side radiator. The current design can accomodate an ITX motherboard, ATX PSU, 280 MM AIO up to 330 mm in length, and a 4 slot GPU up to 330 mm in length. Listed dimensions are interior dimensions.

Why top GPU and side AIO? When I saw the Sliger SM580 and looked at the specs, it occurred to me that the top radiator position was a better place for the GPU and vice-versa. I've been curious about top mounted GPUs ever since, because intuitively putting the GPU where it doesnt spread its heat and spits it directly out of the case seems optimal. But no cases do this that I know of. The few with top mounted GPUs run them as intake.

Dimensions - 13.5 inches long, 6 inches wide, 10 inches tall (13.3 liters). With panels and the like I expect it to end up around 14-14.5 liters.

Panels - Side and top panels are mesh. The motherboard side panel is the only one concerned with filtration; no need to filter GPU or AIO exhaust.

One side of the sandwich is the motherboard and ATX or less PSU. The Motherboard is inverted, so as to allow a side mounted rad to be higher in the loop than the pump if using an AIO, and to put the PCIe slot towards the top, where the GPU will end up. I doubt I'd actually use an ATX myself, but putting the GPU on top required about 6 inches of width and it seemed a better use on the mobo side than the radiator side.

The other side of the sandwich is where the cpu radiator goes. It can do up to 280 mm AIO, but if a 120/140mm AIO is used it leaves room for 2 3.5" hdds. I allocated 2.5" of space here, enough for a radiator and fans. The AIO hoses come in under the PSU, where there is a gap for this. Under the PSU is the larger hole needed to put the AIO bits through the spine, so AIO has to be put in place before PSU.

On top of the case is where the GPU goes. Up to 4 slots, and the fans downward (top exhaust). I allocated 3 inches for the 4 slots, but I may be wrong on this. The reason the case is 6 inches wide is so that the biggets GPUs can be crammed up there, although some will likely need low profile/right angle PCI power. If less slots are used 2x140mm fans can be installed above the GPU to help move air along.

On the rear of the case, there are two passive ventilation areas in case the GPU and radiator are especially hungry. There are no feet on the case, or case fans (except the optional top 140mm. Just negative pressure with the PSU, GPU, and RAD sucking in air from rear ventilation and vented side panel, and exhausting it out the top and opposite side.

Is this a sane and plausible design for a case, as pertains to the radiator and GPU setup and effect on temps? I'd think temps would be near optimal for both since they exhaust straight out of the case and only intake fresh air.

Attached are my crude depictions of what I have in mind (cad is a mystery to me). Next step is a prototype for testing the airflow setup, and if it's worthwhile I'll make a prototype for personal use.