Enclosure Battle of the Boutiques Part 1: A4-SFX | S1 | SM550 | SM560


Shrink Ray Wielder
Jul 7, 2017
It will be nice to see if it is possible to effectively cool this CPU with coolers commonly used in SFF.


Minimal Tinkerer
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Jul 3, 2019
Thank you!

I will be testing the 645LT over a 3900X. I have a set of custom cables from PSlateCustoms for the Corsair SFX units as well as for the Silverstone SFX-L unit.

I plan to test several configurations to help dispell some thermal myths in order to help determine the best possible configuration(s).

This will also be where I pit each case against each other to help determine which one offers the best thermal performance.

Unfortunately, I don't have/own all the boutique air coolers that various SFFN members desire (as some of them are quite difficult to procure) but I have a few options that should do pretty well to showcase similar performance benefits.
When will you be coming out with the review of the 645LT cooling the 3900x? I was curious as to whether it would be a good fit thermally, or if it's better to just go with a 3700x for the lower TDP.


What's an ITX?
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Sep 12, 2021
hi and thanks for a great in-depth review. The hardest thing is usually to find a GPU in this world of shortage and then fit in the larger GPU. I would love it to see a list of compatible GPUS Ghost S1 has one on their homepage but it contains very outdated GPUs. Also a list of compatible CPU coolers.