1. Wolfe1

    Selling Sliger SM550 White Vented PC Case + A lot of extras

    Moved to a Dan C4-SFX a while back and this guy needs a new home. Looking for $200 plus shipping. Images: White Sliger SM550 (v1) with two vented side panels. Spec sheet: White acrylic window panel Ordered but didn't end up using it. Gen 3...
  2. M

    Discussion Sliger Discontinues a number of Cases

    In looking over the Sliger website recently, I noted that the SM sandwich style cases, the SV vertical style cases, and the S610 the smaller of the traditional cases have all been discontinued leaving only the Cerberus X, Cerberus, S620, and the Conswole cases available. Panel color will also be...
  3. D

    CPU Sliger SV590 v2 suppliers in Australia?

    I decided that I like the case, but not the cost of shipping one to Australia on the Sliger website, which is US$123. It's a bit rough when I am already paid a lot for the case (US$288). That's more than I paid to get a bunch of SAS drives shipped from the US via express in a ridiculously...
  4. M


    Hello everyone and welcome to my build log. This will be a slow mover as parts trickle in over the next couple of months. I'm in the process of putting together a new rig featuring the EVGA Z690 Dark and 13900K. I know I know... it's an EATX board. So why am I posting on SFF? Welp, this build...
  5. 3lfk1ng

    Closed [USA-CA] SFFN branded Sliger SM550 case w/ PSlate custom cables

    Moving out of country. Selling a lot of hardware. Local pickup is preferred but shipping within the US is fine if you want to cover the shipping costs. Included in the sale: Custom order SFFN branded Sliger SM550 case in a sparkly tanker grey powercoat. Includes 2 set of PSlate Custom cables...
  6. 3lfk1ng

    Project: Monolith [Sliger SV-590 v2]

  7. MarcParis

    Log Sliger CL530 - Tame RTX 3090 FE?! (Build Log)

    Hi all, Back to November 2020 where RTX 3XXX or AMD 6XXX or Zen 3 CPU stocks were scarce (in fact it's even worse on GPU and better for CPU) I decided to try another mini ITX layout to make universal platform than Sliger SM550 (Sandwich layout, slightly modded to fit full GPU of 2.5 slots &...
  8. L

    Cooling What size/thread are the Noctua 25mm screws for 25mm fans on the NH L9a-AM4

    Hi everyone, I just finished my build in a Sliger SM550 earlier this week. To my horror, I realized I threw out the screws that came with the L9a which let me use a taller 25mm fan. Does anyone know what type of screw/length I need?
  9. B

    [Build Log] Greyman Sliger SM550

    Hey SFF community, Greetings from Ukraine and Happy New Year! So, because I can't really wait for the next-gen I've decided to settle for this build. Remarks on parts: -Gigabyte Windforce 1080 - looking at a used one with a broken fan or something. I will make sure to test it with a seller...
  10. Wolfe1

    [Completed] New Sliger SM550 Build Sanity Check

    Edit: Its all done! Gallery here: All in all a really fun build, not too much trouble but I can't believe it all fit...
  11. MarcParis

    Log Sliger SM550 - Compact & Quiet Gaming HTPC

    Hi all, As some of you already know, I decided to move to Sliger SM550 on my gaming HTPC. In order to build this gaming HTPC I mostly recycled my former components coming from my previous main gaming RIG. Here is the list : CPU : Intel Core i7 4770K (not delidded, undervolt 0.95v, 3.7Ghz all...
  12. C

    Cooling AIO for SM580

    Looking for advice on 280mm AIOs for the SM580 between these two: NZXT X62 Corsair H115i PRO (in Pull configuration (exhaust at top of case) in order to make it fit in the SM580) Most important is noise/pump noise. Fans will be replaced with Noctuas. The Corsair seems to support some type of...
  13. 2

    Enclosure Crashing when riser is turned. Sandwich case requires severe bend.

    I switched from and EATX case to a Sliger SM580 recently and have had huge stability problems. I narrowed it down to the riser that came with the case. Like any sandwich style case the riser comes from the top of the case, makes a 270 degree turn, goes down the back of the motherboard, and makes...
  14. 3lfk1ng

    Enclosure Battle of the Boutiques Part 2: A4-SFX | S1 | SM550 | SM560

    Huge thanks, once again, go to Sliger and SFFLab for providing the SM550, SM560, and A4-SFX used in this case battle. This was by far my largest and most ambitious undertaking and I am very thankful to the community for their continued support, and patience, throughout this review process. You...
  15. raiistar

    My first SFF build in the Sliger SM570

    So I wanted to upgrade from my old rig which ran an i5 6600k and a Fury X. These are the components I picked for this beauty. Sliger SM570 Ryzen 3700x Gigabyte Aorus X570 ITX motherboard Corsair Vengeange RGB Pro 32gb (2x 16GB) running at 3600 mhz Corsair SF600 Platinum EVGA RTX 2080 TI 4x...
  16. M

    Selling Sliger SM560, Alpenfohn Black Ridge

    Hello all, I'm looking to part ways with my Sliger SM560 and Alpenfohn Black Ridge. I'm looking to ship in the US only (local is 11207). The case is in great condition, the only issue is that the screws for the top panel are stripped. The Black Ridge's AM4 bracket was modified to fit with my...
  17. E

    Sliger SM550 (Tron)

    This is my 3rd SFF build. Comparing the size of SM550 with the famous budget SFF Silverstone SG13 and a little premium Kolink Rocket Image1 Image2 The build (with Corsair SP120) Image1 Image2 Image3 Night/Dark Image1 More RGB Image1 Image2 Image3 Video Link i7-8700 Noctua NH-L9i Gigabyte...
  18. 3lfk1ng

    Enclosure Battle of the Boutiques Part 1: A4-SFX | S1 | SM550 | SM560

    Huge thanks go to Sliger and SFFLab for providing the SM550, SM560, and A4-SFX used in this case battle. You can check out the article here. If you have any questions or things that you would like to see included in Part II, please let us know below!
  19. Z

    How can I mount a 3 slot GPU vertically in a Cerberus X?

    Too my dismay, I've discovered that I can't close my Sliger Cerberus X case because the PSU cables stick out too far from the side of my 3 slot EVGA 2080 ti. I'd like to mount it vertically instead, but the case only has a 2 slot vertical opening. What can I do to close my case? Is there some...
  20. M

    Cerberus X 9900k iChill 2080 ti 2 X AIO build

    Hey guys, just joined to show off my project. First go at making something SFFish. Would be interested to hear what you think. Without PSU and drives Complete build Size comparison to my old mid-tower Custom USB-C port (not fixed in place yet but you get the idea) Specs: Sliger Cerberus...