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Anandtech [AT] Silverstone m-STX Case Announced, $35 MSRP


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SFFn Staff
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May 9, 2015
Damn, the industry is really gunning for the lowest possible price for mSTX, as if SFF needs to be entry-level cheap to be considered viable.
But it might actually work in giving mSTX traction, because people will then atleast consider them.

The case looks OK, pretty reminiscent of their PT13. But that "power button", eek !


FlexATX Authority
Feb 28, 2015
Well, super cheap makes the introduction easy. You can get 35€ ATX chassis as well, so getting on the same level is beneficial. That power button is ugly. They could at least have tried to somewhat integrate it into the design, if they absolutely had to save the 5 cents on getting an actual button.