1. B

    future m.2 bandwidth for PCIe adapters?

    My understanding is that your NVMe M.2 > PCIe x16 adapter has limitations of PCIe x4 speeds as the bandwidth is limited to that amount on the motherboard. As interest seems to be growing for this graphics adapter solution to be used with Mini-STX boards & that ultra small form factor, do you...
  2. phunguss

    Mac Mini (2009) Hackintosh GA-H110MSTX-HD3 (incomplete)

    I purchased a Gigabyte GA-H110MSTX-HD3 to build my Apple ][ Floppy case mod, but the i7-7700 would not boot due to firmware needing to be updated. I purchased the cheapest CPU I could find on the low end to update the firmware (G3900). So having an extra CPU, I bought another mobo and then...
  3. P

    Stalled Mini-STX with a GTX 1080 Ti

    1) Introduction I am currently playing around with the idea of building a Mini-STX based PC with (almost) no compromises. The inspiration for this project was the awsome STX160.0 by Aibophobia and it's acompanying thread here on SFFF. There are still a few things though which i'm not quite sure...
  4. K

    Motherboard Any Mini-STX or "Thin Mini-ITX" motherboards with Thunderbolt 3?

    Alternately, is there any way to take an open m.2 slot and convert it to TB3?
  5. Phuncz

    SFF.Network Akasa launches Cypher ST, a 1.98L Mini-STX case

    Read more here.
  6. jtd871

    Anandtech [AT] Silverstone m-STX Case Announced, $35 MSRP