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    Part Velka 3 Riser Cable

    Hello, I just wanted to ask, if you could use another riser cable for the Velka 3? I thought I could maybe use another brand and pre-ordered it and saw afterwards that many say that you need the cable... Would be awesome if you guys could help me here. I don't find any other Li-Heat D type...
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    Power Supply FSP 400w 80+ Gold Vs. ENP-7140b flex atx

    Doing a Velka 3 build and ended up purchasing the FSP 400w 80+ gold PSU they offer with the fan in the back. Went to go test it today and it's doing this thing where it clicks once and then turns off. Going to most likely RMA it, do you guys think it's worth getting another one from FSP or...
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    Memory VLP Ram & Black Ridge Compatibility w/ Z390

    Hello, The more I research this the more confusing it gets (this ram stuff is new to me and I'm dumb). I'm doing a Velka 5 build and am researching vlp ram to be used alongside an Alpenfohn Black Ridge and (120mm Noctua low profile fan underneath). I'm in the USA (California) and would...