Memory VLP Ram & Black Ridge Compatibility w/ Z390


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Nov 16, 2019
The more I research this the more confusing it gets (this ram stuff is new to me and I'm dumb). I'm doing a Velka 5 build and am researching vlp ram to be used alongside an Alpenfohn Black Ridge and (120mm Noctua low profile fan underneath). I'm in the USA (California) and would prefer it to be in the US as well and not something like the Adata on Aliexpress which is vlp or non-vlp at random. I also don't mind buying used ram. I'm looking for a 16gb stick and if I can only find one I'll go with it but my aim is to have 32gb. I also don't want to go with a proxy like Superbuy unless there's absolutely nothing else. I also don't understand what ECC is, from what I've seen it looks like rdimm is a no no and udimm is the way to go? Hopefully, someone can clear this up for me.

For the motherboard, I originally wanted to go with the ROG Strix but based on the heatsinks etc I know there wouldn't be enough clearance without having to remove some pieces. If anyone knows which mobo would be best compatible clearance wise I would appreciate it, I will be using the m.2 slot on top so that is important to me as well.

Thank you to everyone who reads this and for helping, I really appreciate it :)


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Oct 14, 2019
As a rule of thumb, ECC memory is for servers, and non-ECC is faster (even if the MoBo supports ECC RAM).

If you don't want the Adata sticks, then you can get Kingston 8G, and if you want 16G sticks, then there's only one to choose from and that's Innodisk ...and they cost ALOT.

Good on you for researching your plan before hand. GucksTV in this post got the Black Ridge onto an MSI Z-390i board beautifully, but I also have no idea what he's saying, so I'm just going by the pictures. I've heard that having the heat pipes positioned facing upward (that is to say, if the highest point of the heatsink is the curved piping) then this will cause the cooler to loose efficiency - not sure what position you plan on keeping your case, but I thought it worth a mention.

Keep up your research, and good luck with your build. Keep us posted on your progress. Cheers, Cotton
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Nov 22, 2019
if you want 16G sticks, then there's only one to choose from and that's Innodisk ...and they cost ALOT.
cost is not necessarily the biggest problem with these innodisk modules. availability with shipping to random countries is a big one. i am in eu but cannot find a single retailer that has these and no other place willing to ship them here. well, technically willing but at an exorbitant cost.


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Feb 14, 2019
The Black Ridge crossed my mind previously, but in the end I ended up going with a Asetek 645LT with my Dan A4. You don't need VLP ram with the AIO (I'm using some Ballistix Sport LT currently), so you can have more choices with RAM.

I guess it comes down to what you're trying to achieve...
  • If you're just going for looks and better cooling than a L9i, then the Black Ridge with 120mm fan + VLP ram can work. But the drawbacks are finding the VLP ram and mobo that can accomodate the 120mm fan. I saw somebody use the cooler with my mobo but using a 92mm fan underneath, and it looks pretty tight with all the mobo heatsinks so a 120mm fan looks questionable (assuming VLP ram was in use). See the link here.
  • If you want lowest temps, then an AIO would be the way to go. It just becomes a packaging problem or finding a suitable AIO for your Velka 5.