Log RCC-eGPU2 | a tiny portable 0.6L Thunderbolt GTX 1650 eGPU

    I was thinking about some new project for my low profile single slot YESTON GTX 1650 and came up with the idea to make another DIY Thunderbolt eGPU enclosure for it. parts used for this build: generic M.2 to TB3 40Gbps adapter ADT-LINK M.2 to PCIe 16x Riser Cable PICOBOX DCDC200 step down...

    Log RCC-eGPU1 | 3L SFF-sized DIY Thunderbolt 3 eGPU

    I wanted to do some small sized DIY TB3 eGPU enclosure for some time now. Here it is: RCC-eGPU1 My aims for this project: small enough to be portable internal power supply fits small sized graphics cards up to 200mm DIY friendly affordable (relatively speaking :p) Part list: JEYI iExtra...
  3. Reldey

    Possible EGPU connector Mod?

    So I was digging around, and found a nifty looking cable. It is a cable with a seemingly small connector that allows the bridging of PCI-E x 16 signals. Could it be possible to say, transfer a standard PCI-E connector on an ITX...
  4. K

    Motherboard Any Mini-STX or "Thin Mini-ITX" motherboards with Thunderbolt 3?

    Alternately, is there any way to take an open m.2 slot and convert it to TB3?
  5. Cawa

    Idea for a modular small form factor PC

    Hey guys! I am currently working on case designs for a personal mini-itx build. My computer will be used predominantly for Solidworks, Altium, photo editing, and gaming. For Solidworks, I will want to use a Quadro M2000 or M4000 card, but for gaming I would need a GTX 1070 (You can't really...
  6. Phuncz

    SFF.Network Intel Integrates Thunderbolt 3 into Future CPUs and Releases Specs

    Read more here.
  7. Runamok81

    eGPUs - Thoughts? - Skull Canyon NUC with Thunder3 PCIe Box.

    Intel recently released their new Skull Canyon NUC. It's impossibly small, and powerful. Of note is Thunderbolt 3 enabled USB-3 port on the back. That port enables this PC to be paired with an external GPU (eGPU) chassis to become on nasty NUC. We are seeing a few commercial Thunderbolt 3...