1. Colinreay

    Concept Blade: Retro 3d printed STX Case

    Hey everyone! I'm starting a new SFF case project, this time centered around the STX form factor. A week ago, I was perusing this forum and retro futurism on reddit, and came up with the idea of this case. I had Fallout 4's artistic style in mind when making the case, inspiring things like the...
  2. wheatley

    Is there a STX case that supports a GPU?

    that also has the necessary mounts for the all of the components to make a STX with GPU build possible? with the ASRock H110M-STX
  3. Cawa

    Concept Ocelot Cub (C8) 0.8L

    Hey guys, While I'm finishing up the B35, I wanted to share a concept I came up with a couple weeks ago- the Ocelot C8. This is a case intended for the H110-STX motherboard. I would like to preface this by saying that with the school year starting, I likely won't have time to finish this design...
  4. P

    Smallest Motherboard with GPU Support?

    What is the smallest currently purchasable or soon to be purchasable motherboard that can support a GPU (Either full size or MXM)? I want to build myself a full capable mini pc but with a minimum GPU Spec of a GTX1070, preferably a GTX1080 or 1080ti though if this is possible, I noticed that...
  5. Phryq

    CPU 10nm cpu

    So apparently Intel will release their 10nm Cannon Lake in 2017, but will it be the 45W version only? Or will they also have serious desktop CPUs? This will make a big impact on the SFF community, no? Stronger CPU with less thermal issues? We can use smaller coolers :) When do you expect 65W...