1. Analogue Blacksheep

    ZS-A4DC "Mini-Sledgehammer" Portable Workstation Build

    It has a name: Mini-Sledgehammer". As you may of noticed on the Taobao thread, my ZSA4-DC arrived. I was originally going to go with a ML06-E, but I felt it was too heavy and big for what I wanted so. So after thinking it through I went with the ZS-A4DC due to its tiny size and aesthetic. The...
  2. DiamondATX

    Concept PROTOCASE - 15.37L ATX - 8 PCIe slots (NV-Link friendly)

    UPDATE for 01/01/19 See Post 11... for revision details. I will try to keep one picture of the latest revision at the very top of this post. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Hello, this is my first...
  3. zaozabot

    10L Jonsbo V3+ Custom Gaming Build

    Hi everyone! Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Ukraine. I would like to share my SFF Build, because i didn't find anything of this kind on the forum. In my opinion Jonsbo V3+ case is perfect balance between case size, cooling capabilities and performance per liter. Of course, not without some...
  4. D

    Mini itx case advice needed

    looking to build a sff PC. But i have specific requirements. The spec of the PC i have pretty much decided. Intel Core i5 Asus ROG strix mini itx z730 16gb corsair lpx Samsung m2 970 evo corsair sfx 450 But i have 2 issues. 1- this PC will be on all day every day, so decent cooling is a...
  5. OliverRH

    Concept Small ATX Case with focus on design - under 18.5 liter!

    Hi guys, long time no see. I am back with a new version of my small form factor ATX case, this time it is this a 3D render, but I will start making a prototype in a week or so :) The case measures H37.1 cm x D36.6 cm x W13.6 cm = 18.467 liter. So just under 18.5 liter. This case is a little...
  6. C

    List of SFF GPUs

    I made a list of small GPU's. It contains single slot cards, half height cards, short cards and passive cards. You can add cards in the second sheet called 'Editable list'.
  7. Branch_bryce

    Smallest Case Possible

    Hello all, I am looking to build in the smallest case possible without changing any of the current parts that I own. In other words, I can't use the S4 Mini because it would require me getting a new PSU. Here is what I am working with Processor: Intel i5 6600k MOBO: Gigabyte Gaming 5 z170n GPU...
  8. Phryq

    Smallest case for 65W CPU and DDR4

    Hi, I know this probably gets asked a lot, but I'm not seeing the answer in any threads in this forum. I'm trying to find the smallest / thinnest possible motherboard / case combo. All I need inside the case is 1 - Desktop quad i7 (Skylake or Kabylake in January) 2 - DDR4 Ram (ideally 3...
  9. BobyMadrox

    Choice of mini-PSU for compact system

    Hi ! I plan to build a small factor system using the S4 Mini case but sadly I have not enough technical knowledge to make the right choice for the PSU, if you could help me on this matter I would greatly appreciate it ! My ideal system will look something like this : 65W CPU possibly...
  10. Shattucknick

    m-ITX that isn't the smallest - Brainstorming

    Ok so not to long ago I started some design work on a mini-ITX case as I am hoping to make my system more compact. Now I am going to continue the design on here and essentially brainstorm ideas as I try to refine my build. I will not be able to prototype it for at least 2 months so I have some...
  11. artimaeus

    Accessory Low-Profile Monitor

    I'm looking for a monitor with a total thickness of 1&1/2 inches or less. I'm flexable as far as the total screen size (optimally 27 inches but anything between 32 and 21.5 is fine). 'Gamer' centric features would be awesome to have (since I will be exclusively gaming on this), but not an...
  12. Sigmaeleven

    Project Exometry: An Endeavour on a Functional Prototype

    Thanks for spending the time reading all of that! I appreciate every critiques or comments, so don't be afraid to do so!