Mini itx case advice needed


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Oct 4, 2018
looking to build a sff PC. But i have specific requirements.
The spec of the PC i have pretty much decided.

Intel Core i5
Asus ROG strix mini itx z730
16gb corsair lpx
Samsung m2 970 evo
corsair sfx 450

But i have 2 issues.
1- this PC will be on all day every day, so decent cooling is a must- so i'd like to have room for case fans and a 240mm aio cooler- like the corsair h100pro.

2- But more importantly the PC will use on-board graphics. There is no need for a GPU or even space for a GPU.
Annoyingly most cases these days are restricted in design to allow for a full length gpu, which i don't need. So im looking for a case where the space usually taken up for a GPU can be used for a 240mm radiator. I've seen someone try this with a dan a4 case, but it looks awful and very squashed- not great for airflow.

The only case ive found that might do the trick is from Modivio- who say i can install a 240mm rad in the space for a gpu using their Large case. But its not ideal and its very expensive. see attached mock up

Any advice about sff cases where cooling is the priority would be great. Thanks in advance.



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Oct 3, 2018
Great cache!
But this is a bit of an old generation of processors
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Jul 7, 2018
Do you really need a liquid cooler for a non-overclocked processor?

My GFs computer uses an i3 8100 with a $14 cooler and rarely goes above 50 degrees. Paired with a better air cooler like the Noctua NH L9i, for example, you should not have any issues running 24/7.
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Aug 16, 2017
I stopped reading after core i5, iGPU and AIO cooling.

Are you OCing the i5 into i9 perhaps?


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Jan 21, 2017
A small point you may not be aware of is the use of the Corsair h100. It’s a great, reliable product. Many consider it a standard in aio coolers. But in my opinion, it is very hard to use with sff cases because of the long, thick, and rigid hoses it uses.

That said, where are you located and what is your ideal budget on the case? Oh and are you looking exclusively console style cases.