Log turning a NUC into a 1080p gaming rig - the cheap way - DIY eGPU

    Some people might have followed my idea to develop a eGPU case dedicated for NUCs. Today I want to show you how to build your own eGPU (for your NUC) without the need for some expensive Thunderbolt Graphics Dock. What you need: NUC (with 2.5" SATA caddy prefered) Graphics Card MEANWELL...

    Completed Revoccases RCC-NUC1 | NUC Dedicated Graphics Enclosure

    RCC-NUC1 is a Custom Designed Graphics Card Add-On for 8th Gen and 10th Gen NUCs Why not give your NUC a decent GPU Boost while maintaining the small footprint on your desk? Sure, you can connect a graphics dock via Thunderbolt, but then you`ll loose that port for other accessories and you`ll...
  3. Analogue Blacksheep

    Closed (SOLD) Intel Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK + G.SKILL Ripjaws 32GB 2133MHZ CL15 1.2V

    Selling my old NUC, comes with RAM pre installed. I used it as a portable pc, hence some of the marks and scratches on it. The power button has lost a great deal of paint, but still works fine. The computer will need cleaning, an M.2 and a new operating system. Great for a modding project. Be...
  4. K

    Accessory Selecting a new NAS system from options

    Hello! I've been lurking for a while, and created an account to join the fun. Long post ahead in the interest of sharing information. I had an Asustor 3204T which just died. Sending it off to them for RMA, they might get unhappy with all the 'warranty void' stickers removed but I'm done with...
  5. _ONE_

    REVIVE_BOX x230, or when a laptop become a (long) NUC

    HI everyone, welcome . Here's one of my "small project" that have been done in 48H, this is an idea i had a long time ago, i've finally decided to build it. this is about custom laptop "creation", I know it isn't a desktop thing, but it's is still a small form factor thing. So, here's the...
  6. V

    Looking for best "Handheld" PC parts to start with

    Hey all! So this is my first thread, and I thought I'd go straight for asking advice on the best parts to make a handheld PC! My primary objective for my project, is a device that is no larger than the Wii U gamepad in footprint (or close to it at least), but that can at least emulate PS2...
  7. M

    Can't find USB 2.0 header adapter for NUC

    I read on intel's website that the internal USB 2.0 headers in the NUC's aren't standard. They can be 2.00 mm pitch or 1.25 m pitch instead of standard 2.54 mm I want to get a remote PC starter, which happens to plug in to a 2.0 header I'm having one HELL of a time finding the proper adapter...
  8. B

    Dirt simple & dirt cheap (€300) BRIX Pro 4770R + 1050 Ti

    A few weeks back, I got a good deal on a Gigabyte BRIX Pro: the i7 4770R one. I wondered whether it could be made into a capable PC for work and casual gaming. That is, without the CPU turning into a fiery chip of thermal throttlling doom. Simply installing a 120mm on the original heat sink...
  9. Reldey

    Battery Powered NUC Project

    So in my never ending itch to mess with portable systems, I decided I wanted to try out a NUC, and attempt to battery power it as cheaply, and easily as possible. I was waiting for newer, Kaby Lake R models to come out, however after finding they dropped the Thunderbolt 3 port, I opted for the...
  10. V

    NUC or Mini ITX

    Hi, I have the following components and I am looking to setup a small form factor PC by reusing the components as much as possible. Could you suggest me a setup? Components I currently have: 1 x Samsung 850 EVO - 500GB - M.2 1 x Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 2.5-Inch 2 x 8GB DDR4 2133 MHz SO-DIMM 260...
  11. R

    Can't decide on a (compact) APU system

    Hi SFF community! I'm new here, have been lurking and learning for a while, but as I'm looking for some advice now, I registered and am now making this post. The motherboard on my last PC died , and with that PC being from 2010, I decided not to source a replacement part but rather go for a new...
  12. EdZ

    Rumor Hades Canyon: upcoming NUC with dGPU support?!

    Via CNX. With support for what appears to be a full power -K CPU, Optane, Thunderbolt, and a dGPU. Maybe Intel took note of what certain individuals have done with Skull Canyon and 5x5/STX boards and GPUs.
  13. NRG

    An expensive venture!

    Hear me out... A water cooled Intel Skull Canyon NUC... 92mm Radiator... Obviously some planning and a lot of custom work would be required, but it should be possible...right? Yes I'm aware that it's a waste of money and most likely a complete waste of time, but I'd be doing it for the joy...
  14. henrygrins

    HDPLEX PSU Questions

    Hi SFFers- I just purchased the HDPLEX 300W AC-DC and 160W DC-DC PSU components, but just realized I should have asked a couple of questions here before pulling the trigger. I'm really looking to use this rig the "wrong way" which is to say there is no M/B to power, and I'm using the 160W DC-DC...
  15. Runamok81

    eGPUs - Thoughts? - Skull Canyon NUC with Thunder3 PCIe Box.

    Intel recently released their new Skull Canyon NUC. It's impossibly small, and powerful. Of note is Thunderbolt 3 enabled USB-3 port on the back. That port enables this PC to be paired with an external GPU (eGPU) chassis to become on nasty NUC. We are seeing a few commercial Thunderbolt 3...
  16. |||

    Anandtech [AnandTech] Intel Skull Canyon NUC Dimensions: 216mm x 116mm x 23mm (0.69L)
  17. DarekLogic

    Enclosure First Look at SFF, Fanless CL100

    Hey everybody, you were all so welcoming a few weeks back following Jay's review of our MC600 case that I wanted to drop in and share the news of our newest SFF system and get your feedback. We're going to be debuting the CL100 at Digital Signage Expo (a big show for industrial, small form...