Low Profile C13 90* to C14 Under $6?


Case Bender
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Aug 19, 2017
I've been looking around for low profile & Cheap PSU cables for a while and have failed to find any.

Specifically, I currently have a cable that is cheap (@3.95USD) - but sticks out ~27mm from the PSU. With that height, I can fit a SFX PSU but not SFX-L. I would like for it to stick out less than 15mm, but low cost is a high priority - I may have to buy 50+ of them.

I know they exist - NCase has a 13.5 mm profile - but I can't rationalize paying double for it... unless I can get it from the same manufacture through Alibaba or something.

Thanks for the help.

Edit: I'm new here - so feel free to critique if I messed up posting location or anything.