help needed

  1. Shaytanya

    Discussion Dan A4 - power issue

    Hi team About 18 months ago, I built my second build in a Dan A4. Last week, it appears that there is no power getting to the Mobo (asus z490 i gaming) as the RGB isn’t lighting up and the pc isn’t turning on. I have checked the power cable and also the cable going into the PSU and am...
  2. Arc_Lag

    Advice Formd T1 DC-LT combo with triple fan GPU?

    Hi there! I'm trying to plan a build that contains a custom hard tubed AIO. I've already got the XSPC rad, LT-DC combo from alphacool, EK CPU block etc. But I'm stooped on how I should route/ place my pump+res combo as I was wanting to use a triple fan GPU ( 3 slot GPU mode ofc). Haven't been...
  3. KronDestroyer13

    GPU ⌨ 2080ti or wait??

    Hey guys, just curious what any of you would do in my situation. I've been slowly saving up for my mini itx build and I'm about ready to pull the trigger. More then ready to be honest, I can hardly wait. I'm a bit hesitant though on whether or not it's a good choice to buy a 2080ti or wait until...
  4. BeachBanjo

    Help with Cooling Solutions in Ncase M1

    So I am considering building my first SFFPC in the Ncase M1, I have already purchased the v6, just waiting on shipping. Now, I imagine I MUST air cool this thing, since it will be travelling on international flights and I don't want to run into any problems or have to check it in. However, this...
  5. J

    NCase M1 V6 (Parts Help) - First time SFF

    Hey! Just pre-ordered my first SFF case and really excited! But I'd like some help deciding parts/cables and things. (The case is just placeholder to help with my cost calculations, budget about 3200 CAD after our 13% tax) So, in terms of portability...
  6. G

    First SFF, Sliger SM560 build, opinions?

    I've been patiently waiting for the Sliger EU distributor to be set up as I've been eyeing up sm560 or cerberus ever since I first laid eyes on them, and I've noticed distributor's website has been updated (but is currently out of stock). This will be my first build, and I will unfortunately...
  7. L

    Storage SSD partitioning, how to?

    So i’m sion buying myself a new system: Louqe ghost s1 And as some of you might know this case only fits one 2,5" drive, I’m buying a 2TB ssd for storage but I need to partition it (I think) As I want to have OS and games on the same 2,5" drive. Someone help?
  8. C

    Suggestions needed

    Hi Im planing a bilos in the LIQUE case, perhaps the Dan A4 Gaming is the focus, given the substantial wait for those cases. I have time to wait for hardware. I’m planing on gaming, 1440p And have so far set my mind on RTX 2080, and 9700k. And an nvme ssd. Giving the times and amd on the...
  9. T

    SFF ammo box build

    Recently I acquired an old 40mm grenade ammo box. Currently I'm using it as a footrest but I'm thinking about adapting it as a case for my current rig. Inner dimensions (L * W * H) are 435 * 135 * 240. It needs some repainting but that's the least of my concerns. Oh, and it's SFF, roughly 19...