1. realdeal36

    .SKP & .STEP 8.000" Wide Serrated Fin Aluminum Heatsink V1

    Here is another serrated heatsink from HeatsinkUSA.com for those who would like airflow in another direction. It's double the height and quadruple the width of the 2.000" heatsink.
  2. k0n

    ASRock 4x4 4800U (brickless/silent/ATX-PSU)

    I was eyeing the 4800U ever since it's release... when I saw the 4X4 for just 350€ (returned) instead of 600€ (new) I just ordered it. I already had the Meanwell EPP-120S-12 and wanted to make a case where the PSU would be internal. (The board accepts 12-19V the bundled brick is 19V.) Only...
  3. BaK

    Prototype CoolerCase ...a case that cools...

    After over thinking for way too long this semi passiv cooling project, that I should describe as a "trial at universal GPU and CPU cooling integrated in the case", I don't really know where to start... A teaser? A disclaimer saying it may fail miserably? Some specs first maybe... Motherboard...
  4. S

    Buying Case and Cooler

    Hey all, I want to try my luck at snagging a deal on a premium sff case! Something along the lines of the Dan Case/Ncase, but even the ranks of Case Mod will do. Pretty much a beginner at this stuff, but let me know what deals can be had! For coolers, I am looking for something that is decent...
  5. eiselx86

    Cutting my passive heatsink to fit (?)

    Hey guys! I got the Arctic Alpine 11 Passive heatsink pared with i3 2120t 35w. It's about 5mm too high and I really want passive cooling. Can I trim/cut the fins? My thinking is by removing ~ 5% of it's total mass shouldn't affect it's thermal dissipation that bad. The fins are only made of...
  6. mtspark

    Cooling Could anyone tell me what this is from?

    I was working on my case changing the cooler and put one panel on flipped it over and out popped this heatsink, I think... I'll go down the list of parts I have in case. Asrock ab350 itx Noctua l9a Ryzen 1700 Zotac 1080 mini G-unique archdemon Lian li 300mm type a Flare x 3200 Modivio case I...
  7. BernardoZ

    Cooling Fanless low-profile cpu cooler?

    Hello guys. As some of you might know, I'm recently working on a sff pc case, that will support up to 50mm cpu cooler height (check thread). My main concern about it is cpu cooling, as the tempered-glass panel has no vent holes, and this may cause some turbulance and noise. So I was thinking...
  8. thewizzard1

    Concept Interest Survey - MXM Heatsink Adapter

    Just a quick interest check - I have a business friend who is getting frisky with a milling machine, and I'm in need of one of these... Might as well make a model, and have him CNC it up in copper or aluminum. I'm designing a plate which adapts an MXM card (85x105mm 1070 in mind, but...
  9. Cawa

    Concept Ocelot Cub (C8) 0.8L

    Hey guys, While I'm finishing up the B35, I wanted to share a concept I came up with a couple weeks ago- the Ocelot C8. This is a case intended for the H110-STX motherboard. I would like to preface this by saying that with the school year starting, I likely won't have time to finish this design...
  10. BaK

    Concept Heatsinks and airflow

    To follow a variant of a @Phryq's idea I came up with, I'm wondering if the following setup will cool an heatsink with fins* efficiently? (*This will be an heatsink with the apertures on its smaller sides as opposed to a regular top-down heatsink) As you can see, only the bottom part of the...
  11. jeshikat

    .SKP & .STEP Noctua NH-L9i v1.0

    Detailed STEP model of the Noctua L9i heatsink. Measured with calipers and the model is accurate to within 0.5mm. Also included are STEP and SketchUp files of a simplified version for part fitment checking: This model does not include the fan, so be sure to check out @QinX's...
  12. Phryq

    Cooling Can you trust these heatsinks?

    I'm often finding these cheap, awesome looking heatsinks on sites like this https://m.alibaba.com/product/60633306821/New-product-aluminum-stamping-profiles-heat.html?spm=a2706.8841146.1998817009.1.HXIoVh Too good to be true? To me that's the ideal design for heat-sink case.
  13. Phryq

    Met a scientist creating graphene heatsinks

    So I met a scientist today who's actually researching graphene as a thermal conductor, and trying to fix the problem of it conducting horizontally but not vertically. I'm like - yo, let me join your lab so we can make me a good passive-cooling heatsink for my high performance CPU. Her idea is...
  14. Phryq

    Letting the heatsink fall out of the case.

    So, just another idea. I could put a bigish BeQuiet cooler on my CPU, cut a hole in the case lid (will build my own case from aluminium sheets), and let the heat-sink/fan sit above the case. No dust will touch the motherboard, and airflow will be great. My worry would be that, in a backpack...
  15. froyo

    CPU/GPU Coolers and Heat pipes

    One thing I'm really interested in modding or frankensteining together is a CPU and GPU cooler. Are there any well documented attempts at this either on this forum or elsewhere on the internet? Does anybody have any advice on their construction (welding, bending, drilling)? I'm thinking of...
  16. Branch_bryce

    Enclosure Please Help with ITX Case

    Hello all, I am loving this website as I have been on it for about 2 months now and I finally have a question and I figured y'all ITX enthusiasts could help me out. I currently am in a Silverstone ML08 (based off of the rvz02). I am moving into the Sugo SG13 and I need to know if I'm gonna have...
  17. jeshikat

    .SKP & .STEP Noctua NH-L12 v1.0

    Most of the model is accurate to within 0.1mm, with special attention paid to the block and mounting ears. Note: The heatpipes are much less accurate though, so be sure to leave clearance room around them in the model to be safe. The fan and motherboard mounting brackets are not included. The...
  18. Blorgon

    Fan overlapping bare CPU heatsink?

    Been a while since I stopped in. Glad the forum has picked up! I've been sitting on a design for a while now that I really want to have manufactured (far from that point; all I have is a mock-up at the moment). The whole design depends on how well a section of a large fan placed over a CPU...
  19. QinX

    .SKP & .STEP Intel LGA2011 Heatsink Keep-Out Zone 1.0

    A 3D CAD and Sketchup model according to Intel Specification of the LGA2011 Wide ILM Heatsink Keep-Out zone. What would you use this for? This is mostly interesting if you are designing you own heatsink or waterblock/Monoblock and want to adhere to the Intel specification to warrant motherboard...
  20. QinX

    .SKP & .STEP ID Cooling IS-25i 1.1

    3D CAD model of the IS-25i from ID Cooling. Measured using digital calipers and external dimensions are accurate to within 0.5mm. Heatpipes are slightly off compared to the actual cooler.