Intel LGA2011 Heatsink Keep-Out Zone

.SKP & .STEP Intel LGA2011 Heatsink Keep-Out Zone 1.0

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A 3D CAD and Sketchup model according to Intel Specification of the LGA2011 Wide ILM Heatsink Keep-Out zone.

What would you use this for?
This is mostly interesting if you are designing you own heatsink or waterblock/Monoblock and want to adhere to the Intel specification to warrant motherboard compatibility.

The top of theCPU IHS is located 8.014 ±0.34 mm from the top of the Motherboard PCB according to Intel spec. See page 37 of the URL below.

Integrated Stackup Height (mm) From Top of Board to Top of IHS 8.014 ±0.34 mm

A much simpler design than the LGA115x Keep-Out, most likely because 2011 has no reference Intel Stock cooler and the 2011 integrated cooler mounting threads.

Visit the URL below at page 108 for the drawing used to base this model on

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