dan a4-sfx

  1. Shaytanya

    Advice USB C front port Dan A4.1

    Hi all - I have recently completed a Dan A 4.1 (high spec) build. I receive the “USB device over current status detected” error if I try to plug in the front USB-C connector into the Mobo. If I do not plug this in, there is no error message - has anyone else experienced this problem / has a...
  2. Shaytanya

    Log Dan A4.1 Custom Cyberpunk 2077 build (custom side panel, modded case) – complete

    Hi team I thought I would post my first real SFF build. My first ever built was the Kickstarter Dan A4, where I was simply happy to be able to create a computer that actually worked. This time, I wanted to build a high-end machine that also looks the part. First, I must make a concession as...
  3. omardesu

    My Little SFF Family. Literally.

    Reposting from my reddit thread. SFF is a curse... But also satisfying... I had only finished my Dan A4 (4.0) last year in April/May originally with a 9700K and 1070 Ti. When the Velkas (1.2) were available for pre-order in October, I picked up a Velka 3 w/out any parts for it yet as I...
  4. S

    Advice for watercooling with a 120mm radiator inside a DAN A4-SFX case

    Hy everyone, i was planning to build a sff "workstation" for over 2 years now, and i recently had a job change and so i need a decent workhorse for my home office now. When i saw that the DAN A4 is available i bought one right away. Now i´m thinking about which hardware i should cram inside...
  5. M

    First SSF build. Dan Case w/ 1080 TI and some re-used parts from old build. NEED HELP!!

    Hey guys I've been wanting to dive into the SFF arena for a while. Couldnt figure out what case I wanted to go with but I decided on the Dan A4 v4.1. I have some parts that I will be bringing over from my previous system. Re-used parts: GFX Card: Gigabyte 1080 T.I. Gaming OC (3 fan card)...
  6. G

    Other Slightly taller A4 SFX fan duct for Noctua L9i and A9x14. 3.0

    For all intents and purposes, it is a slightly taller fan duct for the A4 SFX with a Noctua L9i heatsink and a Noctua A9x14 fan. My setup uses an ASRock Z270 Fata1ity ITX. It is 12mm, instead of the provided 10mm design. It also has slightly taller screw mount holes (9mm), since the provided...
  7. A

    Better cooling solution with Dan Case? (unusual way...)

    Dear good SFF people, I have an unusual question about a possible GPU setup. I'd like to know if it's even possible to link Dan case build connecting with Razer egpu. It sounds like totally defeat the purpose for small factor but was wondering any possibilities. I'm about to build a pc with...
  8. CodeBeing

    Crazy Fast Dan Case High-End Build

    Looking for the ULTIMATE and SMALLEST build I can complete in this A4-SFX that's coming out here at the end of April, shipping early May. Super excited and have been eyeing this case for a while now! If you had UNLIMITED MONEY and wanted to build your dream gaming PC, what would you select to...
  9. adamik17

    8700k in the dan a4

    Could you help me choose a cooler and a motherboard for the 8700k? I'd like the motherboard to have at least one m.2 header. I'm willing to delid the cpu if it improves temps significantly. Thank you in advance.
  10. N

    New Build - LF Advise for Dan A4-SFX v3

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to build my first SFF pc and would like some advise in regards to appropriate parts for the DAN A4-SFX v3 (From - https://sfflab.com) Parts I am looking to Purchase: My main concerns / advise I would like is in regards to GPU and the CPU cooling options PSU: SFF PSU not...
  11. DanT

    Closed Dan A4-SFX V3 Black (Still seal) SOLD

    Hi folks, I have a brand new, seal Dan A4-SFX V3 Black for sale. I'm listing this for 210$ with free shipping in the US, in other to cover money for Intersession/Spring 2019 class. Locate at CA 92843. Kindly shoot me a message if you are interesting. SOLD!
  12. BeachBanjo

    New Dan A4-SFX mid-high end build cooling help

    Hey, just planning on building a new semi high end productivity and gaming compact build, and wondering what the best options for cooling are. Currently waiting for the z390 chipset and 9700k/9900k cpus, but would like to know what works together best. Originally planned to use the Asetek 545lc...
  13. fytoKemikaL

    Showcase: Dan A4-SFX v3 w/ Delidded 8700k, Liquid Cooled

    Hi, I just wanted to share my build which I'm using for both gaming and streaming simultaneously. After delidding my 8700k and installing liquid-cooling I was able to overclock my cpu to 4,9 GHz and keep everything under or around 70 degrees Celsius under heavy usage. Of course I had to put some...
  14. fabio

    Evolv Shift shrinked: DAN A4 rules!

    Hi guys, while I am waiting to finish my Cerberus-X build, I've decided to shrink my actual system from an Evolv Shift in a DAN case. Well, now the size is PERFECT!! Thanks to @Thehack and his frame I was able to put the Noctua A9x14 on the Cryorig C7 cu, having now a perfect balance between...
  15. Nanook

    Further downsizing my HTPC (7.2L to 2.9L)

    I’ve been using a silver Dancase A4-SFX v1 for a few years now. The build mainly utilized leftover components from upgrading my main gaming pc. A4-SFXv1 vs F1C: Daily driver in the background :) A closer side by side: Original HTPC Case: Dancase A4-SFX v1 CPU: Pentium G4600 CPU cooler...
  16. M

    Cryorig C7 vs. Noctua L9i (with and without fan duct)

    Hi team, I considered the C7 and the L9i for a DAN A4 SFX v3 build. I didn't know which one I would prefer so I tried both. I'm sharing my findings in case it helps someone. TL;DR: If you can tolerate the weird fan noise get the C7. Otherwise get the L9i but make a fan duct. Temperature I...
  17. SirJack

    Closed Dan A4 SFX v2 plus little worn LP53

    Almost new black Dan A4 SFX v2 and an LP53 cooler for 225 USD. The PCI slot screws rubbed off a little paint (see picture); the case is otherwise pristine. Also, the side of the cooler is darkened by liquidmetal residue on my hand, which was wiped up with ethanol; cooler is still perfectly...
  18. C

    Dan a4-SFX 2.2 card slot

    I'm looking to build in the Dan a4-SFX and the gpu I'm looking to use is the Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8gb which says its a 2.2 slot card and is 43mm high .My questions is , will it fit. Thanks in advance