1. M

    Log First build my Mini ITX with ZS-A4S V3

    Hi ? Last year, I posted a build with ZS-Case In general, the quality of the case is very good.In the second build, I used the ZS-A4DC V2 before, I've also built it with the ZS-A4DC V2 with the Default GPU Low Profile Case: ZS-A4S V3 6.2L Mainboard: B550I AORUS PRO AX (rev. 1.0) CPU: Ryzen 5...
  2. Crossfire Machines

    Cooling Cryorig C1 - Unboxing

    Hello there! * I received my Cryorig C1 a good while ago for testing purpose but never got around to post a small unboxing for those interested. Until now! :] Most people will know its little brother - the C7 or C7 Cu - but not this cooler. > Product Page - I got mine from Cryorig directly >...
  3. D

    Build idea

    Hi all, would love some feedback on a new build idea. Found what i think is a very good, reasonably priced case. PC would be on all day and mostly used for internet, office use, streaming and photoshop. thoughts please. SPEC CPU - Intel - Core i5-8600 3.1GHz 6-Core Processor CPU Cooler -...
  4. 3feetcat

    .STEP Cryorig C7 Radiator + Fan v2.0

    Cryorig C7 build in Solidworks 2017. I tried to upload the Solidwork files but seems the files are too big.
  5. Thehack

    J-HACK Mod Shop

    Cases, 3d printed mods, accessories, whatever you need to be successful!
  6. Thehack

    Cryorig C7 standard fan adapters

    3d printed. Works great. Heatsink is 32mm. Adapter is 2mm, using Noctua's A9x14, you will get 48mm height.