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Oct 8, 2018
Hello there! *
I received my Cryorig C1 a good while ago for testing purpose but never got around to post a small unboxing for those interested. Until now! :]
Most people will know its little brother - the C7 or C7 Cu - but not this cooler.

> Product Page - I got mine from Cryorig directly
> Picture Mirror

Packaging with optional AM4-Kit​

Lots of mounting kits, screws, rubber dampers

Interesting screwdriver ..​

If you are more interested in hard numers, I used this cooler in my Chieftec BT-04B-U3 and LC-Power LC-1500Smi Reviews!
Spoiler: If it fits, its a great cooler

Thats it, have a nice day!
~ Tim
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Dec 20, 2018
I currently have this cooler installed on my Strix B350-I, and I am super impressed with it cooling wise, as well as aesthetics/customer service, but It really interferes with my ATX cables. I ended up making a 90° 24 pin adapter and getting a 90° USb cable. May not be a problem for custom cables, but it's definitely a PITA for anyone hoping to use (some) stock PSU/Internal USB cables.