aio case

  1. WH-team

    Prototype Sans MK II-10.3L 240/280AIO low airflow resistance case-prototype updated

    It`s update for Sans MK1. Because it hasn't been improved for a long time, and it has been discontinued for some time. As one of the earlier chassis that can support AIO water cooling equipment. Sans MK1 was very popular until competitive models of its kind were gradually born. So I recently...
  2. M

    Concept ~10l Case w/ 240/280 AIO (Custom/Suggestion)

    Hey guys, I'm new in this forum and in general kind of new to SFF, so please excuse me if some questions might seem kind of obvious or stupid to some of you. So to my question. I am looking for a small case around 10l (cause I study abroad and like to take it with me in the train.) The...
  3. Hommer Cases

    Prototype Hommer Case V1 How SFX Case should be (8.4l incl. AIO and 3slot GPU)

    Hello everyone, I am Simon and I am a mechanical engineer from Germany. I've been building some "Mini PC's" lately, but I wasn't really pleased with it. The cases that I have seen and / or installed were either too big for me or you could only sheet a 2 slot GPU or no AIO ... For this reason, I...
  4. WH-team

    Production Frisk MK2——The 120AIO mini case with RGB showing less then 7L

    when I use my nano MK IV I always maybe one day I could get some new change on it.Maybe it could more RGB show and have simple installation mode.And the other important reason is I want make a more easy case for you.ahhhhh! So today I show you this 120AIO case —— Frisk MK2 Hardware support...
  5. WH-team

    Prototype 12.18L Dual 240AIO quite gaming PC case——Dual Cool MKII (4 months use report)

    For a long time how to balanced the obturation show cases` heat dispersion is a difficult problem. SFF case must use distinctive heat dispers for compact volume, And now I`ll show you Dual cool MK2——which could get a good volum and strong dissipation performance at the both same time. Dual cool...
  6. WH-team

    Stalled Super Reaper MKV series4.4L~9.2L-New solution for hardware-show case

    2019.01.23 Now the passageway for SFF forum is avaliable! TAO BAO link: EBAY link: building...maybe cancel How to solve hardward show and temperature these dual requirement in one sff case and I...
  7. WH-team

    Production Throw out your PCIe Extender ! WH-Micro gaming PC