Production Frisk MK2——The 120AIO mini case with RGB showing less then 7L


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Oct 5, 2017
when I use my nano MK IV I always maybe one day I could get some new change on it.Maybe it could more RGB show and have simple installation mode.And the other important reason is I want make a more easy case for you.ahhhhh!

So today I show you this 120AIO case —— Frisk MK2

Hardware support specification:

3Dsize: 230L*230H*130W=6.88L
Meteral: 7075 Aluminium +CB232 steel+black acrylic

Motherboard: 17*17 ITX with FLEX 1U

Power supply: FLEX 1U

Display card: limited length 170-230mm, limited width 130mm, limited height 40.6mm (2 PCIE, could more shoulders) display card

Radiator: 70mm radiator

SYS Fan: 1*12025 fan with 120aio

AIO device: 120 AIO support

Disk support: 3*2.5 HDD device

PCIE link:ADT display card linker

Night effect

And I had update version in 2019

Frisk MK2 use magnetic buckle in the front cover so it`s screwless and more easy for install or clean

2019-01 I change steel`s paint let it more like lianli`s paint.So it`s different with video which is early version.


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Oct 31, 2017
when I purchased frisk mk1, I disappointed. because some of screws were loose, and there is no hole connecting case and cover at the bottom...
I want to these problem solved


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Nov 16, 2018
I'm curious to know what the temperatures are like. There's a lack of ventilation everywhere except the graphics card side. The front panel also looks a little obstructive.