water block

  1. A

    GPU In need of rtx 3080 waterblock with inlets/outlets running lengthways

    I'm looking for a waterblock for rtx 3080 (any model as I don't have the gpu yet) where the inlet and outlet ports run along the gpu's length instead of sticking out the sides (the sides where the block and backplate are). It's not the easiest thing to google for and when I do find non...
  2. Nouvolo

    Production Aquanaut Combo/Extreme [Available] - Ultra Low Profile CPU Block & Pump Mount Combo

    Aquanaut is an ultra low profile CPU block & pump mount combo optimized for space saving, clean and minimalist custom loop builds. It is now offered in 2 versions: Aquanaut Combo - available now OG / basic / budget model Stock configuration or standard builds Features : cold plate with micro...