S4M Heatsink Bezel - S4Max edition

.STEP S4M Heatsink Bezel - S4Max edition 3

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A new version of my vented S4M heatsink bezel for machining in aluminum and as used in my S4Max build - context, notes on machining and photographs of the machined part in my build log here.

Key features:
- Adds ventilation slots to my original design used in my first S4M build
- The slots are directed/ angled towards the PSU air intake for an improved air flow - I have posted an earlier version with "neutral" slots here. NB that the overall dimensions are the same so the "neutral" design should work - I have not had it machined though. This version here, however, is machined from the file attached, tested, and in use. NB that the "neutral" version is cheaper to machine if that is a consideration.

-Tried, built and tested!
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