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    Production CONSOLE and CONSWOLE: entry level 2-slot and 3-slot console cases! [Available Now!]

    Will the console fit the PowerColor Red Dragon 5700xt (2 slots) 132 mm. In the specs it said up to 133 mm, but on the front page it said up to 144 mm tall. Also just to clarify cause I didn't see it in the website but if I order it with front panel it will ship later correct ?
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    Sure thing ! I got it from Taboo but I think the one Akitsu posted should do the trick too. For the Taboo one I got the "Long version" Also here is how it looks like with all the cable (plz don't...
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    Just like akisu mentioned in the earlier post, there's no backplate on this card. Unfortunately, I don't have any tool to measure the card's exact width.
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    I manage to fit mine without any modification, I did use the 90 degree PCI-E adaptor though. PS. I don't have a picture of its fully assemble on me right now, but it does fit without any problem.
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    Selling [AUS] Project mATX, JP Artisan, Lone L3, Ghost S1

    Do you do just the top hat ?
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    Production SENTRY 2.0: Evolution of console-sized gaming PC case

    I did remember Kyle from bitwit mention about it but i wasn't sure if he meant just the motherboard stand off
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    Stalled Z-CASE P50 v1.1: Innovative console-style SFF PC case

    Really like the design of this case. The only thing that stop me from pre-ordering this is cause of the lack of any dust filter at all. I wish you guys have some sort of solution to this
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    Production SENTRY 2.0: Evolution of console-sized gaming PC case

    Man, can't wait for this case when it get ship ! (Still wish there was an option for a Phillips head haha)
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    Production S401: Salvo Studios <8L mITX Steel Unibody Chassis w/ GPU & CPU fans in same direction

    Really digging the design for the S402, personally i wish the USB C is here to stay though haha
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    Production SENTRY 2.0: Evolution of console-sized gaming PC case

    Sorry if this was already ask, do you ship to Thailand and Japan ?
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    Selling DSE Breathe v1 Black itx case, S4 Mini Classic Silver

    Long shot but, is the s4 still avaliable ?
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    Closed N/A

    Is this the ones that you can over clock ?
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    Completed Circle Pro - Solid Alu CNCed mini-itx case - 240mm liquid cooling

    Do you have plan to sell side panel separately for those that has already purchase this case?
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    Production Nouvolo Steck - SFF 8.7-11.2L ITX PC Case, supports liquid cooling

    This case turn out to be very similar to the Loque, but for some reason I think this one has a better aesthetic than the Dan and Loque. Good luck in China !
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    Production Modivio xCase - customizable console-style case

    Is it also possible to remove the brush aluminum look on the side bazel and make it now subtle like the side panel? Thanks!