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    Seasonic SSP-300SUB 300W Flex ATX modular PSU

    Thanks for the information. I own the SSP-300SUG and have modded the fan (not advised) in my unit. But it is great to hear that they have implemented a semi-passive version. I don't mind some noise at load, but at idle (<30W) i should be inaudible. I am looking forward to more testing of this unit!
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    What SATA-connector is this?

    I bought this one some time ago, which does work well:
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    SFF Forum Giveaway: Win an ASRock Fatal1ty X370-Gaming ITX/AC, or a surprise swag package!

    Cool, My build in a historic 8L Cooler Master aluminium case is a little bit on hold at the moment. I sold my GPU just before the prices started to rise like crazy... now i am waiting for them to drop again. CPU: i5-6500 MB: Asus Z170I Pro Gaming ITX/ac Cooler: LP53 RAM: 1x8GB GPU: Nothing at...
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    Fanless Mini-ITX build

    You can order the Hdplex directly from the hdplex website. It says it is in stock in Hamburg, Germany.
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    Yes, that should be possible, if you use a 24V Meanwell PSU.
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    Looks good! I like mods of old legacy systems :)
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    Stalled ~7L console-style case concept (and possible future NCASE product)

    Very nice case project! It has about the same layout as my very old Cooler Master 270. While i was using the space for longer than > 175mm GPUs before, i am now also back to putting the PSU behind the power button panel. Eager to see your cooling results! And also results on Flex ATX PSUs -...
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    Part Flexible PCIe risers

    If you are from germany: Somebody sells 2x Hdplex Riser on the used market:
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    Power Supply The Seasonic SSP-300SUG fully modular 150mm FlexATX PSU

    Jup, thanks for your suggestion. I will keep a close eye on the temperatures. Hopefully in future there will be a small & silent (and reasonably cheap) PSU, which does not require modding.
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    Power Supply The Seasonic SSP-300SUG fully modular 150mm FlexATX PSU

    So, after digging around and searching for alternatives i settled on modding my SSP-300SUG, which was too loud. The fan made some annoying bearing noises/clicks.. So i bought two Sunon 40mm x 20mm fans with VAPO bearings, which are said to be very quiet. The original fan of the PSU has a very...
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    PC Keeps Restarting - Urgent Help Please !!!!

    I have tested my i5-6500 + RX 470 (undervolted to ~120WTDP) with the HDplex 160W and also experienced reboots. My guess would be, that your system has power spikes over 240W (which is the over current protection limit of the HDplex 160W). This is what happened for me, even if the system showed...
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    G-Unique Plug&Play Units Pre-Order!

    Congratulations! Could you give us some detail shots of the DC-DC PSU? What is the height of the unit? I think its smaller height is a clear advantage over the HDPlex 160W - at least it would be in my use case.
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    Part Flexible PCIe risers

    The website says: The ribbonized format of the axial cable provides a dense and flexible solution without signal attenuation for high speed PCIe Gen3 8Gbps Data Transaction, bidirectional 256Gbps (256GT/sec) for PCI x16, and 16Gpbs (16GT/sec) per PCIe lane. So it is indeed a coxial ribbon...
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    Part Flexible PCIe risers

    Wo Wow these look excellent. The homepage also shows some photos of the riser:
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    Cooling Best Low-Profile CPU Cooler on the Market?

    I just bought the lp53 and was planing to remove one of the VRM heatsinks to make it fit (which is quite easy, since they are screwed from bottom side of the board and not glued). Actually i was able to fit the lp53 without removing the VRM heatsink! One tip of the heat pipe is touching the...