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    What did you do today?

    First off you start by playing DOOM, but eventually you get tired of the singleplayer and decide you wanna build with friends, so you start playing Fallout 76, when you're looting, a friend decides to take what you want and not share, that is when you go full on RAGE, and the rest is a table...
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    News Caselabs is shutting down

    'tis a shame, especially as Caselabs was one of the reasons I got more focused into SFF, the XLFF cases they made kinda contrasted the size so well that SFF really felt much more attractive
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    What games are you playing?

    Speaking of Urban Terror... I actually started getting back into it a month or so ago in anticipation of Battlefield V and Fallout 76.... and well SCUM
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    So, What Do You Really Want?

    I voted on keeping the articles as you've been championing so far, but I'd like to add this... Videos as said previously work great to demonstrate size, proportions and positioning of various components. Being able to add on a short video overview of the product, be it with or without voice...
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    What did you do today?

    @Soul_Est You gonna try some gaming with the box switches?
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    SFF.Network ASRock DeskMini at Computex 2018

    So exciting!
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    General Chat Thread

    Mmmm... tools riding the hammer... what a way to break up a storm
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    General Chat Thread

    I am hoping to see an impressive Fallout 76 and/or Fallout 3 remastered with the newer Creation Engine... Games on Linux though, now that's quite the idea to see at E3
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    General Chat Thread

    Sooooo... anyone counting down 'til Bethesda E3?
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    What did you do today?

    The Rival 500 actually looked pretty interesting, not much more button wise or as good of a "tertiary" mouse button as my current one but even looked to have side scrolling mouse wheel! *stares intensely at Corsair Scimitar* *cough* @Soul_Est I was actually checking out different places to...
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    What did you do today?

    I've actually been looking at the Corsair Scimitar and the Logitech G600 lately, to get a mouse with the tertiary mouse button as well as more programmable buttons than I have now... when looking at the G600 I shed a tear seeing it discontinued over here
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    Node 202 | LM V.1

    Sorry for such a late reply but thank you, and on to some of the questions! No more pictures until I start changing CPU/Mobo/RAM most likely, clearances are varied. The top lid to CPU cooler has a clearance that is proper tight, if you don't pay attention to screwing down the lid it may very...
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    News Happy SFF Month! Learn about SFFN's new Patreon page, new shirts, and a giveaway!

    Woop woop, finally put my Patreon account to use in supporting mah favourite (and small) team of SFF article crammers
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    Node 202 | LM V.1

    Did a slight upgrade, to the 202, an MSI Gaming X 1080ti and of course with the slim 120mm AF12x15 Noctua fans this time, really fills out the case. As far as I could tell the old 970 I was using had issues with power distribution (upgrade was now a few months ago but hey, content for the...