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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    Debatable. A lot of APU cases are designed around using external bricks, whereas with no lp GPU you can mount a variety of PSU inside the L5, and still get cooler clearance to run the L12S. Lots of APU cases force you onto small coolers.
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    Completed Lone Industries L5 - 4.6L Mini ITX

    I think a big bonus for the L5 is the ability to fit a 70mm cooler iirc. The L12S is a very good cooler, allows for a strong CPU.
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    Other [SFFn] ASRock's DeskMini A300 - Finally!

    Non-APU AMD processors don't have integrated graphics, so you're limited to running AMD cpus that end with a G, such as the 2400G, 3400G. @kustode
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    FormD T1 - 9.5L with UNLIMITED space!! - 3950X+64GB Ram+2GPUs - TITAN V FULL watercooled+TITAN RTX!! Fill the void 2.0

    Are you still using your Cerberus build, or is this replacing it?
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    Other [SFFn] ASRock's DeskMini A300 - Finally!

    As in not the stock one. I grabbed an ID cooling IS30 I was planning on using a different build but wanted to mount it in my A300, looks like part of the heatsink would hit the small VRM? heatsink that.
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    Cooling how people installing so many pwm fans?

    There's not really anything janky about them. On my ASRock board, the 4 pin fan headers are rated for 1A. A single Noctua F12 PWM fan has a max input current of 0.05A. In theory you could run 20 fans off one header, but I don't really know of an ITX case that uses that many.
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    Other [SFFn] ASRock's DeskMini A300 - Finally!

    Anyone running aftermarket CPU coolers?
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    Any good cases for Mini-ITX Build under 10 L

    Did you even read any of the posts in this thread, especially the ones by op?
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    Any good cases for Mini-ITX Build under 10 L

    Maybe a Modivio X-case?
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    Power Supply Why do modular PSUs use proprietary connectors and cables?

    How many people are frying their systems by swapping PSUs? How often are they swapping them? If I bought a new PSU for my system and it came with it's own cables, I would definitely use them.
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    Any good cases for Mini-ITX Build under 10 L

    I think you should look through the Builds and Concepts & Custom Projects subforums to get some ideas. There's quite a bit to get some inspiration and ideas from.
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    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    One of the spec sheets on the product page shows: 1x DC Jack Colay 6pin ATX and the next says: 2: PWR_IN (6PIN 12V/19V). I thought this means that it can be powered internally and externally using either 12V or 19V.
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    Power Supply are there any silent SFX PSU?

    @Marzipan what would be the specs of the PC? If you can power it easily with the fanless 450W Silverstone unit, then there's no reason not to use it if you want the quietest PC.
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    3700X build

    A @ParallaxStax mentioned, you've got a lot more clearance than you think. Unless you plan on doing something custom that limits your cooler height, we would have to know what the max height can be so that we can give you some suggestions. That Prolimatech with a 25mm fan would be around 70mm...