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    Log vvv's Skyreach 4 Mini Brickless Build

    WOW This looks amazing, really love it
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    Log Modded Skyreach 4 with supreme GPU cooling

    Nice! it actually looks presentable 😀 I really like this idea
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    Log Modded Skyreach 4 with supreme GPU cooling

    This is awesome, could you upload a picture of what the rear IO looks like as well? This looks like something Id wanna try out as well
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    Experience with HDPLEX

    I was running a Delidded 8700K + GTX 1070 at 70% power. I mainly used my PC for Youtube, Deving and the occasional game of Destiny 2 xD. No overclocking, tried undervolting but went back to stock settings. The HDPLEX AC DC unit spent its life on my desk, outside of the chassis, and it had...
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    Experience with HDPLEX

    Hey everyone, How has your experience been with HDPLEX? I'm having a very underwhelming experience, not sure if this is normal or if I am just being the infamous 'Karen'. I ordered the HDPLEX 400W Combo (AC-DC and DC-ATX), It worked fine for a while, was quite happy with it. Then the AC-DC...
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    MDPC-X sizing help

    Hey all. I ordered a NFC S4M, that made it to the country in less time than it has been spending at customs. I still need to source a power button. I found a local vendor that sells MDPC-X sleeving among other nice things. I also...
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    Concept Side Exhaust Graphics Cards.

    Sorry for being so unclear. In short the aim is to cool a GPU. From my understanding the stock GPU coolers act as exhausts and draw heat away from the heatsinks - maybe stop me if I got this wrong here - so what I would like to do is use just the fan on the CPU cooler pictured above (dynatron...
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    Concept Side Exhaust Graphics Cards.

    I know SFF cases are already extremely tiny but yet I still find myself wanting something smaller. Walking to my next lecture this idea came to mind, It's probably a bad idea for many reasons that I don't know yet but here it goes. So I've been sketching a SFF case with side exhausts (because...
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    My First Ncase Build

    Build log updated :D after little over a year I wen't all out with the funds I had available to me, Would've liked a 8700 instead but I'm happy with the result!
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    My First Ncase Build

    I think I figured it out :) thanks @MarcParis
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    My First Ncase Build

    Just a quick little update on how this Ncase looks now :D been through a ton of changes CPU: Intel i5 8400 MOBO Asus H370i Strix RAM: 2x 8GB Vengeance DDR4 PSU: Corsair SF600 CPU COOLER: Noctua NH-C14 HDD: 2TB WD Purple SSD: 250GB Samsung 960 evo CASE: Ncase M1 The hardest component to mount...
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    Ryzen 7 Hackintosh

    This looks great! Good luck with the build :) If you chose the modular PSU for tidy cables the Corsair SF450 would be a great option, it is SFX form factor vs the SFX-L of the silverstone, leaving you with a few milimeters of extra space.
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    Cats & Computers

    I've just found my favourite thread on this forum XD
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    Announcement Win with

    Happy Birthday You guys are doing a great job at providing a platform for likeminded SFF enthusiasts.