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    Announcement What happens in Vegas... we'll share with you all here! (+ a giveaway!)

    I'm thrilled about those rumours about low TDP CPU's and GPU's from AMD and surely hope they come out true. I like gaming but don't need the high end stuff so being able to have GTX 1060's performance at 75W and 6c/12t at 50W sounds perfect to come up with a very small brickless build inside of...
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    NFC Skyreach 4 Mini - Vanilla Ice (plus delidding stuff)

    Dat paintjob tho... oomph!
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    Inwin Chopin GPU 1050 ti Mod - Pluto

    How do I report for porn?
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    NFC Brickless S4M live Build Stream

    That was good!
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    Silverstone ML06

    May I ask how exactly did you fit a 1060 in that case? Pics would be awesome.
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    I think I messed up a bit.

    Maybe it was an APU? Can't see why it would be so easy to delid it however...
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    How hot should the HDPlex 160w combo get?

    I just got hold of a 160w AC-DC + DC-DC combo a couple of days ago to power my G4560/GTX1050 system and it works like a charm so I haven't even thought about cooling it. However after a long session of PUBG and running Furmark + Prime95 for half an hour I've decided to check how hot does the...
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    Happy SFF Month! Learn about SFFN's new Patreon page, new shirts, and a giveaway!

    Glad to see this community growing!
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    22.6cm x 20.5cm mainboard too big for M1?

    It won't fit without modding the case because it is too wide.
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    [SFF Network] HDPlex AC-DC 160w and 300w - A Powerful Solution?

    This might be a very common question so I'm sorry for asking but I'm in the process of designing my case and the only missing component apart from the case itself is the AC-DC adapter. I already have the 160w DC-DC converter and I want to use it to power an undervolted g4560, a GTX 1050 and a...
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    lulzbot 500w psu help?

    I'm no electrical engineer and have a bit less than ZERO knowledge about this but isn't the DC-DC adapter that controls voltage which goes to power the components? In that case does the AC-DC adapter's voltage control and ripple suppression really matter? Not to be arguing just genuinely interested.
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    Cooling Anyone have experience with ID-COOLING IS-25i?

    That's a nice point, haven't thought about that. Appreciate your help, thank you!
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    Cooling Anyone have experience with ID-COOLING IS-25i?

    I'm not very satisfied by the looks of Scythe Kodati that I have so I was looking for a cooler and came across the one in title. I'm wondering if the fan is detachable and I could replace it with a regular 80mm case fan of my liking.
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    Splitter for the AC adapter

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking would be the main concern. Thank you!
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    Splitter for the AC adapter

    Hello! I've got a question that may sound stupid but I don't know if this is possible or not because I'm a noob so please help me out. So I was shopping for a monitor and when I looked up the specs and noticed it says the monitor has a 19v input which is the same voltage of the power brick I...