Forum Feature: The Case Hoarding Therapy Group

Most of us are guilty of it – tech hoarding. Whilst some can justify it (all these parts are for review work, honest!), some just like to collect PC components. In “Dr” Arboreal’s thread, community members can come clean about their obsession – in this case, *cough*, cases. The first step is acknowledging the problem, right?

Starting with Arboreal’s list of mostly Silverstone products, other forum members have started listing what they have sitting about, mostly SFF, but with a few larger enclosures hiding in the crowd. The broad spectrum of cases in the possession of the community is mindblowing – with some really collectible cases in the collections of some.


I too have quite the collection! The below are those “on hand”.

In use;

  • Silverstone SG09
  • In-Win BL641
  • In-Win Chopin
  • Generic 2U server case

Not in use (or in review/content mode);

  • Silverstone VS01
  • Lazer3D CG7 Cravo
  • Another In-Win BL641
  • 5U server behemoth (about to go to the scrap heap)
  • Streacom FC8 Alpha ODD
  • NFC S4M
  • Generic 1U chassis
  • Silverstone ML03B
  • CustomMod Nano
  • CustomMod Nano proto
  • Salvo Studios s401
  • A few DeskMini and DeskMini GTX/RX enclosures
  • Think_Micro (an old scratch build of mine)


So come, join the therapy group and find comfort in the knowledge you are not alone!